Foodie Halloween Party – 2010

After some final preparations, hubby and I were ready to get our Halloween party on! This was our third Halloween get-together ever and first in this house. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I love celebrating this one with fun decorations and eats.

Here are some photos of the finished tombstones. We made these following the instructions from this year’s Martha Stewart Halloween magazine and you can see more photos of the process and tips on how to make them by clicking here.

Halloween Decorations


This one was my favorite.


We made 6 tombstones total. That was pretty much the extent of this year’s Halloween craft projects. These guys took a lot of work! Hopefully, we can find some more fun projects for next year.


Here’s some of our inside Halloween decor…

IMG_7306.jpg IMG_7310.jpg IMG_7311.jpg IMG_7315.jpg


Halloween Party Food!

We did our Halloween party pot luck style. And we had quite the spread!


I grouped the savory items together in one area.


And the sweet in another.

I wanted to do “scary” labels on the food, like “brains of mice” but I ran out of time. Whoops!

For my savory eats contribution, I tried to make some proteins and snacky-things:

IMG_7251.jpg IMG_7256.jpg

I made Food and Wine’s slow cooker meatballs (fab recipe! I will be making this again!) and my Maple Dijon baked tempeh (click for recipe) so I had protein for the meat-eaters and vegans.


I made these olive “bugs” a la Martha Stewart.


Roasted kabocha squash.


Hard-boiled eggs a la Martha Stewart.

IMG_7263.jpg IMG_7261.jpg

Roasted pumpkin seeds from our Jack-o-lanterns and my Candied Pecans (click for recipe), which are sadly gone. Guess I need to make more!


I also made some “blood” aka black currant punch (recipe from…who else…Martha Stewart).


Brittney brought some yummy hummus.

IMG_7259.jpg IMG_7255.jpg

Kate + Nate brought some fun snacky treats.


Jen brought a delish quinoa salad.



On to the sweets!

IMG_7248.jpg  IMG_7298.jpg

Like I mentioned earlier, I made Martha Stewart spider cupcakes using the from-scratch Hershey’s recipe for both the cupcakes and frosting.


Nicole brought decadent brownies.


Not sure who brought these…maybe our neighbors?


Katie brought some tasty chocolate-cherry-bomb dip.


Caitlin brought nommy cookies.


IMG_7271.jpg IMG_7293.jpg

I dug in…the food was all fab!


The Characters


And look…we took people photos…not just food!







Everyone had such creative and wonderful costumes! We should have done a contest! Maybe next year?


I even busted out my tripod for a group shot so we could all be in it. Even Bailey made the photo!

We had lots of friends over! Katie + Stew, Nicole, Caitlin + Kristien, Kelly + Brad, Brittney + Greg, Kate + Nate, and Jen.

And Jen and Caitlin were super-troopers and made it after running a marathon!


After the party, hubby decided to take Bailey to our neighbor’s house to play with their dog. Little did they know what a mess the dogs would be making!


Bailey’s normally white paws came back filthy! So, he had to get a bath.


Btw, I forgot to take a photo of my entire outfit. I was a figure skater! Ok, that’s kind of cheating because I really used to be a figure skater, but I haven’t worn my skating dress in years! I even put my skates on for the first part of the night! I was able to wear my skates around the house thanks to my skate guards. 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone!

When you celebrate Halloween, do you prefer to go funny or scary? Trick or treat, guys?

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  1. You party looks like a huge success! I love your decorations and your cute Halloween food 🙂

    P.S. If there was a costume contest for this year’s party I think Russell Brand and Katy Perry would have won, hands down 🙂


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