An Artistic Look at Life and Death at Alcatraz

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Alcatraz has had many past lives as a fortress, prison, and refuge. On this island, death can be seen in the dying of the prison, the park’s grim past, the memory of those who passed here, and the decaying of buildings and structures. Yet, Alcatraz, itself, has been born again, this time as a national park. Millions of visitors breath new life into the island every year. Beautiful plants garnish the island and flourish in their spaces. Buildings and structures are slowly being restored. Vitality visits, explores, and inhabits the island where life and death meet.

I created this gallery to share some photos from my visit to Alcatraz in November 2010. Because I was intrigued by the strong images of life and death I found there, I wanted to tell the story of my observations with my photos. I’ve been editing the images for a couple weeks now, but I’m so excited to finally be ready to share them. I hope you enjoy the photos. 🙂

13 thoughts on “An Artistic Look at Life and Death at Alcatraz”

  1. Diana your solitary confinement picture gives me shivers! This is gorgeous and emotional even. Your editing is well done too yea! Love the dodged edges on some of the images and the sepia and monochrome feel of others.

    I also like the perspective you gave the agave plants. Shooting them low makes them feel strong, hopeful, godlike.

    Beautifully done. I feel all spooky now lol.


  2. Diana – you just captured Alcatraz perfectly! The life/death correlation is so on-point. So many perished there but yet they and the Rock will be remembered through people who tour those corridors. I would love to go there. Here in Philly we have Eastern State Penitentiary and they say that is a sight to see, esp. Al Capone’s cell. Great great great photos and commentary! Thank you for posting this.

    On another note, Diana – what plug-in did you use? Love how it navigates!


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