I Am Thankful for Cafe Gratitude

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After our fun morning exploring Alcatraz, Julie and I headed to Cafe Gratitude to meet up with some of our blogging friends.

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Blog friends!

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The inside is super cute and full of positive energy.

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I loved their self-serve water bottles on the tables.

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The card games were fun, too.

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After perusing the menu, Julie and I decided to share a few things…

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First up – the I Am Trusting Tamal Plate – (from the menu) “A  handmade corn tamal made with stone-ground heirloom masa and filled w/seasonal vegetables served with beans, salsa verde & Mexican cilantro coleslaw

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Loved the tender tamal and it was so flavorful yet light.

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We also shared the I Am Graceful Indian Biryani Bowl – (from the menu) “Steamed brown rice or quinoa tossed with seasonal veggies, basil, cilantro, mint & cashews in an Indian coconut-curry sauce”. We got quinoa.

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Ready to dig in!

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The bowl was so cute. It almost looked like a salad at first. It was sooo delicious! I loved the sauce.

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And a cowboy entered the restaurant at some point and serenaded all of us over food.

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After ogling the dessert display, Julie and I knew we had to split one (ok…or two 😉 ).

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I got the I Am Marvelous Raw Cacao Mocha with steamed hazelnut milk – “Elixir with steamed nut milk, cacao powder, vanilla, & agave

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“We shared an I Am Joy “Rawmond Joy”…

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and I Am Devoted Coconut Cream Pie – “Rich coconut cream pie in a coconut-date crust”

Wow…the desserts were amazing! I love how vegan desserts are so delicious yet so light, too.

Thank you Cafe Gratitude for being so awesome!

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After lunch, I ventured back to the hotel with Mara and Julie.

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Mmm…Treat street.

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And Julie haled her first taxi cab…just for us. Awww!

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Then it was time for registration.

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And I met Dorian of Foodbuzz!

Not to mention I got my swag bag…woohoo!

Details on the swag bag next time…plus more SF fun!

14 thoughts on “I Am Thankful for Cafe Gratitude”

  1. Cafe Gratitude was the BEST, wasn’t it? These pictures are making me wish I’d ordered dessert…

    I’m so glad I got to see you again this weekend- it was so fun!! Thanks again for organizing the Millenium dinner, it was wonderful. Hope you have a safe trip home!!

  2. You’re a lucky duck for getting to eat at Cafe Gratitude 2 times in one weekend!!

    It was such a pleasure to meet you – I hope we’ll get to see each other again soon.


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