Our Best Investment Yet

You may be expecting me, dear readers, to say something smart and adult-y, like “Hubby and I have invested a percentage of our salaries in a 401K” (ok, we have done that) or “Hubby and I purchased a house, which is one of the best investments a family can make” (ok, we did that, too).

But I’m not talking about investments as far as monetary things. Our best investment has nothing to do with interest rates or the economy. No, our best investment is much more simple than that.


Our best investment has been our dog, Bailey.

We brought him home with us three years ago on Friday, and he’s been such a blessing in our lives.


He’s always happy to see us.


He listens to anything I want to ramble on about and can even appear to look genuinely concerned with his big brown eyes or a tilt of the head. (Corgis can look very worried at times)


He’s always ready to cuddle with me if I’m tired, sick, or just want to relax.


He’ll even do his best to comfort me if I’m upset or crying by jumping on my lap or giving me a kiss.


And he’s always there as my friend if I’m ever feeling lonely.


He’s even always up to play around and do some tricks to make me and hubby laugh.


Yup, I’m sure you can see why when we saw this adorable puppy-face 3 years ago, that we couldn’t leave without him. And he’s proven to be a worthy investment for these last few years. Really, I can’t imagine life without Bailey. He’s our pet, but he’s also one of our best friends.

I’ve created a special page for Bailey here on The Chic Life, and you can click here to view it (or locate it under my About section of my pages). I gave a sneak peak to my Facebook friends first, and then my twitter friends, so if you don’t already “FB-like” me or follow me on Twitter, you can always start today so you get the sneak peeks, too.

Reader question: Is your pet your best friend? What’s your pet’s name? Tell me about them. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Our Best Investment Yet”

  1. Woah, this is such a coincidence!!

    I know this is going to sound totally bizarre, but you were in my dream last night with Bailey!

    I don’t remember much, but you and Bailey came to visit me on a school bus…?

    And I made Bailey homemade doggie treats.

  2. I totally agree with you. I don’t know think I could ever be without a pet. They are all rescues too which I think it very important. We have Cosmo, approx 5 yr old Australian Shephard; Molly, almost 3 yr old Rott/Golden/Pointer mix; Frankie, 3 yr old orange tabby, and Bond, yr old tuxedo cat. I’ve restarted Foto Furrsday to feature pix of the furrbuckets and plan to have a page for all of them soon.

  3. Bailey is adorable! We have two beagles, Peanut and Milo, and one cat, Simon. They are our only children! Simon things he’s a dog. He can open doors and now thinks we should open them and the puppy gate for him instead of jumping over it like he used to! He saw the pups go through and thought, “Why are they more special than me that they get the door opened for them?” So, now, we have to do the same for him!

    Peanut and Milo are stubborn, but loving! They have to be the center of attention at all times! Winter is the best when we all pile up on the couch together in a big ‘ol puppy pile to watch tv!

    They are just wonderful, forgiving, unconditionally loving and just GREAT!

  4. Bailey is adorable 🙂 I grew up with dogs and my husband grew up with no pets at all. So it’s been difficult to see eye to eye on this subject, but I am going to keep trying. The last year or so he has been more open to the idea! Yay!

  5. Bailey is so cute, especially in that puppy picture! His ears were so big even as a puppy!

    My dog has definitely been my best investment too. I got him in March 2009, shortly after I graduated, and he’s the best companion. Max is a dachshund mix; a lot of people think he may be part jack russell, and somewhere in there he may have some lab. Needless to say, he’s a bundle of energy and quite stubborn. He’s so smart though, and every time I come home from work, he’s jumps around like I’ve been gone for days. Whenever I’m down, he’s there to give me a kiss or snuggle up by my neck.

    Dogs are just the best.

  6. So Sweet 🙂 The puppy picture is way too cute. I want my own dog SO badly, but it’s not practical for me right now living in a city and working so much. The dog I grew up with (Rosie – black lab) lives with my parents and she is so much a part of the family – we absolutely love her! It makes me sad to think about how old she is now…we will really miss her so much.

  7. Oh my gosh – Bailey’s puppy picture is ADORABLE. I love his hears! (And he’s so cute now, but I can totally see why anyone would scoop him up when he was a puppy!) 🙂 We have a cat, Chloe, and my mom has a dog, Sophie, who we get to see almost every day. We’ve had Chloe for a year and a half, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. Sophie has been in the family for over 8 years and is fantastic. We also used to have a dog, Oliver, who lived an amazing 14 years. Pets are THE best.

  8. Bailey is such a good looking dog 🙂 I loooove food blogs, but every once in awhile, I like to see some dog pictures.

    I feel the same way about our pups. I’ve had my oldest for over 10 years and I can’t imagine what life would be like without her!

  9. OMG that puppy picture is absolutely scrumptious! I also love the first pic with that big doggie smile. I really love the saying that dog is God spelled backwards – on so many levels.

    I have 3 dogs – 2 Shelties and 1 Cockapoo. The Cockapoo is 6 and a boy. One Sheltie is 2 and a girl. The other Sheltie is going to be 11 months old tomorrow (!!!) and a boy. They ARE my furbabies, as I have always known that I don’t want children. I love them to pieces and really that doesn’t even adequately describe how much I love them. I could talk about them all day.

    In an ideal world, I would have even 2 more Shelties 🙂 Herding dogs are fun, aren’t they? A little obsessive, but that’s what makes them such a source of entertainment 🙂

  10. Bailey is definitely cute now, but that puppy picture is awesome. My husband will always be my best friend, but Minnie our little shepherd has been an amazing addition to our family and I can’t imagine life without her now. I wish we had puppy pictures because I’m sure she was adorable, but we rescued her so we will never know! In fact we love her so much, we want another! 🙂

  11. I heart this post so much! We brought our corgi home one year ago, and now I can’t imagine life without him! They are the best dogs! I love reading about Bailey so much because I can always relate – like with the head tilt, worried looks, and jumping up/licking my face when I’m upset (Koah does that too! He is SO attentive to emotions). Thank you for sharing so much of Bailey with us! 🙂

  12. Bailey is so adorable.

    I have a dog at my parents house. When I moved out they wanted to keep him but luckily I visit my parents once or twice a week. His name is FRIDAY and hes a (wait for it) Beagle-Dalmation mix!


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