Portable Breakfast #5 – The Breakfast Burrito

This week on The Chic Life, I’ve been featuring breakfast you can take on-the-go. You can check out my previous posts one, two, three, and four.

One quick note I want to make is that you should only try breakfast on the go if it’s absolutely safe for you to do so. The breakfasts I’ve prepared this week are easy to eat without needing much hands-on time so you can drive safely. But you could also enjoy them walking, taking public transportation or otherwise not at your house. Breakfast on the go is only a good idea if you can do it safely.

So…I’ve saved one of the best for last…

Portable Breakfast #5 – The Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito has the potential to be the messiest portable breakfast of the group, but if prepared properly, it can be quite neat. The nice thing about the breakfast burrito is that like many of the other breakfasts featured this week, it is highly customizable. You can put almost anything in the tortilla and call it breakfast.

There are a few things I shoot for in my breakfast burrito:

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Veggies
  • And I really like to add beans, usually


Today, I was running a bit late for work, so I had to forego the avocado I was planning to slice up and stick in my burrito. Oh well…busy or not, I was happy to have something to eat for breakfast. This was certainly a step above the days when I was “too busy to eat breakfast” ever and consistently skipped breakfast.


Step 1: Scramble eggs (or tofu)

Be sure to season eggs with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, heat up your tortilla according to package instructions.

Brownie points for using local, cage-free, organic eggs.


Step 2: Add cooked egg to warm tortilla.


Step 3: Add other ingredients

Today I kept it simple with some black beans I rinsed, drained, and microwaved to heat up. Like I said, I wanted to add avocado, but simply didn’t have time. When you’re pressed for time in the morning, sometimes you have to know when to let some things go.

Note: I also think bell peppers or jalapenos would be fabulous in this.


Step 4: Fold up the breakfast burrito

Tuck the bottom edge up.


Tuck the top edge down.

By tucking in the top and bottom, it will make it easier to keep this meal neat.


Tuck in one side.


Then, tuck in the other.


There, you have a breakfast burrito!


Wrap your burrito in aluminum foil. Try to not wrap it up too much or too tightly. You want to be able to easily access it when you’re trying to enjoy your breakfast burrito on the go.


Step 5: Enjoy!

And you’re ready for the day!

Today, I actually had good luck with traffic and got stuck at fairly few stoplights. This was good for my commute time, but bad for eating on the go. It seemed dangerous to try to eat the burrito in the car while I was doing heavy maneuvering. So, I decided to wait till I got to my office to crack open my burrito. Safety first people!


TGIF btw! I had dinner with some friends tonight and decided to enjoy the dinner instead of worrying about photos. Great way to start the weekend!


Need a baking/kitchen project for the weekend? I suggest chocolate chip cookie dough balls. You know you want sooome! 😉

Reader question: Do you eat in the car?

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  1. Hey,
    I live in Germany where it is actually prohibited to eat and drink in the car! So I pretty much never eat in the car (but must admit I have done so a time or two when I was pressed for time) and rarely ever drink.


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