The holiday cheer is definitely in the air at the Chic house! With the holiday both speeding up and slowing down things, I had to ensure there was time for a TREE!


Hubby and I headed out last night to pick out our Christmas tree. My family always purchased real Christmas trees growing up, but in recent years, my dad has decided that they’re too much of a fire hazard. So, they now do faux Christmas trees. I am still a big proponent of real Christmas trees because it seems more traditional, brings back fond memories, and makes the house smell lovely.

(Though I will admit, those pre-lit trees seem pretty darn convenient)


We visited the Darrell Simpson Family lot, where they always have lots of beautiful trees.


I also enjoy how festive their set up is.


Trees galore!


I’m glad hubby and I bundled up because it was freezing outside! I only wish I had worn gloves and a hat!

I didn’t feel bad for myself so much as the poor guys working there who had to be out there all day! I wanted to give them all blankets and hot cocoa…poor guys!


Red, white, and green!


On the hunt.


I can haz dis one?


Unfortunately, a giant Christmas tree is out of our price range and wouldn’t fit in our house anyways. Not to mention I’d have to double my collection of lights, tinsel garland, and ornaments for a tree that size. Hubby and I picked out a nice six-footer.


We brought the tree home just as the sun was setting.


I was super excited about getting at least some of the basic decorations up. I quickly put on an iTunes Christmas radio station in the background.


First, the lights!


Then, the tree skirt.


Then, a moment to notice that I was purchasing a tree from a family who has been operating since 1941!!


Next, a moment to remember I had cookies in the house.


Yeppirs…tasty oatmeal chocolate chip.


Upon remembering I had cookies, I did what any normal Christmas-tree-decorating girl would have done. I made homemade hot cocoa (from scratch).


Oh yes! Hot cocoa and cookies…not for you Santa…not yet. 😉


After a cookie, hot cocoa, and some tinsel garland, I decided to call it a night. Hubby and I will finish the rest of the decorations soon. Woohoo! Can’t wait to pull out my favorite ornaments! 🙂

Reader question: If you celebrate Christmas, do you prefer real trees or fake trees?