Pud See Yum

You guys have some great forms of fitness therapy :

  • Running
  • Spinning
  • Body Pump
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dancing!

It’s so great when you find something that can literally turn your frown upside down! lol


I had breakfast on the go today because I had to be in the office early for an important meeting.


I had Great Harvest Whole Grain Goodness with Marantha organic PB.

The work meeting was semi-stressful but overall good. 🙂


I came home to a large box of local doughnuts. Yummers! If the doughnut on the right looks small…don’t be fooled. It’s a normal sized doughnut. The one on the left is called the “Texas doughnut” because it’s so gigantic.


We had a special birthday Zumba class for our company’s founder tonight and I got to do the song I choreographed called “Desi Girls!” So fun!

Look who joined me for Zumba tonight! It’s Michelle and Jen! These girls came to shake it with me in class tonight. Get it girls! 🙂

Thank you ladies!


Hubby and I need a restaurant intervention. We’ve been relying on take-out and restaurants far too much. Looks like it’s another Eat in Month for us for real. Look for it January 1st, 2011. (whoa…so weird to type 2011!)


We got take out from a local Thai place – spring rolls…


…and Pud See Ew. And why is this dish called “Pud See Ew” anyways? It should be Pud See Yum! Anywho, hubby is a big fan of both the spring rolls and the entree…woohoo! He didn’t always love Thai, so I’m glad he’s coming around to liking Thai because I lurve it!

I’m off to cuddle up with hubby and Bailey on the couch. We’re watching Pineapple Express. I love a good movie night but I can’t wait to watch a whole slew of Christmas movies! Next week, my friends…next week.

Do you have a style of food that your significant other doesn’t like? What kind is it?

18 thoughts on “Pud See Yum”

  1. That is some doughnut! WOWZA!

    I was wondering if you would be able to put up a little piece (excerpt) of your choreography. I understand if not (after seeing what happened to Hickory Zumba) but I figured I’d ask. I’m off to look up that song. Finding news songs to dance to is just the best!

  2. I enjoy the occasional bowl of cream o’ wheat with brown sugar. My boyfriend can never understand how I like plain bowls of oatmeal or c.o.wheat though 😛

  3. Not so much a style of food, but my husband really loves meat and I really don’t. It makes it hard to cook at home, but eating out is usually better for us because we can both just get what we want. If only we could eat out all the time and not become fat and broke! 🙂

    • I hear ya! Restaurants are so easy yet difficult. No clean up and easy to pick something off the menu. But hard to control quality/health-level of food and price! lol

  4. My husband is much more adventurous than he was when we met, and now we eat Thai, Indian, etc….but he will not eat Mexican or Tex-Mex. I always have to go to places like Chipotle or Salsarita’s all by myself!

  5. Mmm… doughnuts! I don’t think I’ve had a doughnut since I was a kid. They look delicious though! My husband hates to eat anything without any meat or grains in it. He thinks its disguisting if I eat a bowl of tempeh and veggies with no meat or grains 😉

    • I used to think a meal wasn’t complete with meat, but now I think more in terms of protein. I do tend to like to have some sort of grain/carb with every meal, though. But not because it’s disgusting without them…I just really like my carbs. hehe 🙂

  6. He’s not really my S.O. anymore but The Coach thinks so many of my foods are strange…he’s a meat and potatoes guy and I’m a veggies and tofu girl…I used the flax egg trick the other night when I was making us cookies and he couldnt stop laughing – I’m dead serious!

    • He laughed at your flaxseed egg?? Hey, that could come in handy if he ever wanted cookies and you guys were out of eggs. Then he wouldn’t be laughing! hehe 😉

  7. “Eat in” month would be so easy for me, since there is only one place that delivers to my house. I also only drive by one pizza place & 3 gas stations on my way home. I guess there are some advantages to living in the middle of nowhere.


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