What Time Do You Eat Dinner?

I can’t believe how many of you guys are already done with your Christmas shopping! Nice work guys! I should probably follow suit, but I usually wait relatively last minute. Anywho, moving on…


Ahhh…this time next week, I’ll be on vacation! Woohoo!


Till then, I’m hard at work 9-to-5. Since I WFH yesterday, I celebrated Starbucks Monday today with a grande gingerbread latte.

Work has been really crazy lately, but I totally had a Devil Wears Prada moment. Remember the scene where Andy has the manuscripts all ready and is on top of everything to the surprise of Miranda? Well, I had a phone conversation today that reminded me of that scene except I was Andy. Woohoo! It wasn’t quite as cool as the movie, but it still reminded me that when you’re faced with a challenge, you have a two main options: give up and fail or fight and win. If you work in a stressful job, you know how easy it is for the every day grind, or a difficult co-worker, or a impossible deadline or a combination of forces to beat you into submission. But, if you can, I urge you to pull everything within you together to fight. Your career will thank you and you’ll learn you’re tougher than you think you are.


After work today, hubby and I went to a friend’s place to pick up some furniture because they’re moving out of the country. We’re not sure exactly where we’re putting it just yet, but we’ll figure it out. 😉


We didn’t get home till about 9:30pm, so we had a late dinner around 10pm. Whoops.


Hubby and I both would like to work on eating earlier, but we were at least happy to be eating in, considering we’ve been eating out quite a bit.


And speaking of eating in, would anyone else be interested in doing Eat in Month again!? Hubby and I are thinking of doing again this January. It could become an annual tradition!


Anywho, we had a great dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce, steamed organic broccoli and I even found some leftover focaccia in the freezer (which we re-baked)! It tasted like new…Score!

What time do you eat dinner?

29 thoughts on “What Time Do You Eat Dinner?”

  1. I’m such a culprit of eating late. If its 10pm though and I haven’t had dinner, I skip it – which is so bad for you! So to combat this, I’ve started eating mini meals in the evening. At 4pm, I’ll have a mini meal of fruit, turkey jerky or cheese and crackers. It holds me over and by dinner time, I usually just want another mini meal – nothing I have to cook.

  2. I personally prefer to eat later at night. I hate being hungry at night and I disagree with all of this stuff people say about having to eat before 7pm. So I eat when I am hungry and I am usually hungry at 9 or 9:30 at night so I eat dinner then!! 🙂

    • Eat before 7! Is that what people say now? lol I have no clue. I’ve always tried to eat before 9pm, but I’ve been eating pretty late lately because of my Zumba schedule. I think you’re right to stick with what works for you. Everyone is different and the same rules/guidelines don’t work for everyone. 🙂

  3. When Im on day shifts (0700 to 1515), I usually eat dinner no later than 530, most times earlier. I don’t like to be full when I go to bed or I can’t sleep. Of course I go to bed ridiculously early, especially this time of year, and wake up at 0445 cause I putter around all morning and like to get to work at least a half hour early to eat breakfast and relax. And I won’t even explain my night shift (1100 to 0715) eating schedule cause its all over the place:)

  4. I used to eat dinner at 6 (like, 5 yrs ago), then 6.30, then 7, then 7.30…it’s about 7.40 atm, and even then I’m hardly hungry, but I can’t sleep if I eat later 🙁

  5. Wow, and I thought eating after 7 was late!

    The eat-in month would be easy for me- the challenge is definitely my husband. He likes the McD’s…although he has been a lot better since we started working at the same company again. He lets me pack his lunch every day except Friday, which is his McD’s day. I think he’s getting tired of the turkey/PB&J rotation, but he refuses to heat anything up at work.

    We don’t go out to eat often, but he orders the occasional pizza for himself. I feel like I’d have to have different rules for him on this challenge!

    • Hmm…maybe if I came up with some fun new lunch ideas he’d go for it? Creative lunches are a challenge for me, too, but I bet I can come up with some good things. 🙂

  6. I am so in for Eat-In Month! I think it is a great idea to do it annually in January, because I am always shell-shocked when I look at my budget, after all the holiday expenses.

    I love the new(ish) furniture and I’m sure you’ll make it look fabulous!

  7. we were on a eat late kick all of last year and we have been working on it and now we typically get dinner in by 7.

    I don’t get home till 6:30…and it’s so hard to drop my purse and hit the kitchen with a toddler to say Hi too and catch up with everyone’s day.

    So we’ve been doing a lot of his/her cooking, cooking ahead, some pre-made meals (instead of going out) etc.

    it’s not perfect but it’s better.
    and some days we eat at 9 (not the baby) but us big kids.

    and YAY for your ANDY moment. NICE.

  8. My dinner time varies almost every day it feels like. But I try to eat before 7pm but that does not always happen. Sometimes I eat as late as 9pm… which I am not a fan of – especially my tummy does not like it. But I go with the flow and just enjoy my food no matter what 🙂 HAHA


  9. Goodness, I could never make it 10pm to eat! I am much too hungry by 5 or 5:30pm! I love the eat-in challenge month. We do that occasionally. When you have eaten out so much, it just gets easier and easier to continue eating out. I’m in if you host for January!

  10. I like to eat between 5 and 6, but our work schedules often prevent this and it turns out to be more like 7.

    I would so be up for the eat in month-long challenge! 🙂

  11. I like to eat dinner around 7. Then I have something sweet about an hour before I go to bed and it’s all good.

    P.S. I LOVE The Devil Wears Prada. My boss could pretty much be Miranda except I like to say “The Devil Wears Lane Bryant” 😉

  12. so late on this, but i thought it was a fun question 🙂

    we usually eat around 7-8. on nights josh is working, i will eat at 6 — honestly i usually come home from work hungry, even if i snack on something! and at that point i’m ready for a meal (rather than nibbling my way through our cheese & cracker stash 🙂 ).

    i go to lie down by 9ish usually and read for a bit, sleep by 9:30 or 10!


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