Hi friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! In case you missed any of this weekend’s posts, I listed them all here (click to view).


Someone sure is happy to be home. He’s already tackling his toys…


…and re-claiming his spot on the couch.


Breakfast featured…duh…more bagels!


I figured we could freeze them for later and though I do get good results from my re-bake heating method, I really prefer food at its freshest. The current plan is to eat all the bagels we took home from our weekend adventure as fast as possible. I may freeze one, though. We’ll see.

I ate the last Honey Oat bagel and more yummy honey nut cream cheese. I still can’t get over how the bagel shop makes all the bagels and cream cheese from scratch! Why can’t we have somewhere like that around my home?


Lunch was a re-heat of dinner.


I re-heated last night’s noodle dinner in a saute pan with some chicken broth and soy sauce. Sooo much better than microwaving!


I enjoyed lunch with a deeeeelicious Cascal light red drink. I first sampled this stuff at the Foodbuzz tasting pavilion and instantly liked it. The fermented drink tastes natural and is a far cry from overly sweet soda. Made with fruit juices, which are the only sweetener, this drink may not be healthy, but it’s a MUCH better alternative to traditional sodas.

I’ve been craving sweet, bubbly drinks a lot lately (especially after Zumba), so when I saw Cascal on sale for $2.50 off a 4-pack, plus a coupon, I had to pick some up. I only wish I’d gotten the white flavor, too. lol


Carb load for Zumba = another handmade bagel – blueberry this time and just toasted and topped with butter.


After work, I had a dentist appointment. I must admit, I’m not the best with teeth care. I brush my teeth every day, but I’m terrible at remembering to floss! Every time I go to the dentist, I leave with good intentions of taking up flossing on a daily basis. But eventually I slack off and get back into the bad habit of non-flossing. I had an interesting thought in the dentist’s chair while my chompers were being polished. I wondered if dentists and the teeth cleaners (what are they called?) get frustrated with the lack of dental care the same way I can about healthy living and the bad habits I see my co-workers doing (eating “lunch” out of vending machines, etc). I think it’s interesting how people pick what they want to passionately follow and what not. I can be so serious about trying to eat healthy and yet so lax on flossing.

Since we’re on the topic, consider this your reminder – remember to floss people! 🙂


When I got home from the dentist, I got started on dinner – a slow cooking lentil soup.

I ended up cooking two pots: 1 with meat and 1 sans meat.

I love making soups for dinner because they make for such great leftovers. This will definitely serve for a few delicious and easy lunches later on.


And for dessert – the very last coconut macaroon.

Can you believe I actually considered eating another bagel for dessert?! It would have been a bagel-a-thon! lol

Do you drink bubbly drinks (soda or otherwise)? What kinds?

16 thoughts on “Bagel-A-Thon”

  1. Dental Hygienist! Mine told me to keep floss in my car and floss at a stop light while I’m driving. It’s inevitable that you will stop and have time.

    Also, she said to think about rotting meat in between your teeth. ew.

    Doesn’t mean I floss everyday though….

  2. I never liked soda but I do like carbonated water. This Christmas, I also tasted a sparkling juice (made from 100% real juice!) that was less bubbly than soda and loved it.

  3. Geniveve above totally nailed it! I was going to say the same thing. Sounds kind of gross, but I’ve started flossing while I drive. I put a ziploc bag of floss picks in my console and when I drive to work in the morning I floss. The picks allow me to do it with one hand and then I just pitch them when I get to work!

    After my last dental visit I was bound and determined to start flossing- this has really seemed to work!

  4. I gave up Diet Coke a while back because it made crazy, but it was the only bubbly drink that I like.

    Anyways, FLOSS PICKS! I used to be a notorious non flosser, but once I purchased these, the habit became easier to form. They are much easier to use than regular floss and I even keep them in my purse for flossing emergencies.

  5. i’m a no soda girl, i hate all the fake sweeteners & gosh knows what else. if i want a bubbly juice, i squeeze the fruit & add mineral water.

    i’m a bad flosser, oops!

  6. I’m just a plain water kind of girl; I’ve tried seltzer water but the fizz just isn’t for me. As for flossing, I brush and floss just about every night after my shower. I prefer to go to bed without decaying food in my mouth. Yuck!

  7. i love sparkling water. Especially with lemon. It is like soda to me. I recently had a Sprite Zero and it was SWEET! It’s weird how are bodies adapt over time, since I never drink soda.

    Oh and I love champagne 🙂

  8. i like bubbly drinks! i was on a kick of adding carbonated water to any juice i drank, but now i’m loving kombucha. although i am not so in love since they had to change the formula – i guess i liked the extra alcohol content! 🙂

    i hear you on the flossing too. although, it was one of my 2011 goals to floss daily and i’ve only missed one day so far!

  9. I love club soda! Since I only drink water and one cup of coffee in the morning (well, the occasional beer or wine too), the bubbly club soda helps to break up my usual drink options without being a health killer.

    You are making me crave some delicious bagels! 😉


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