EIM Pantry Stocking + Pub Food at Home

Wow, my readers are the BEST! I published last night’s post about my reaction to Black Swan with a lot of apprehension, but you guys left the sweetest comments. Not to mention, I got a couple emails from people said they had similar reactions. You know, every time I have a post that I think about deleting or never publishing, I remember those comments and emails and am reminded that it’s more often worth it to put yourself out there. Thank you.

I did want to add a couple notes to anyone who’s going to watch Black Swan. I highly recommend seeing this movie with anyone you wouldn’t mind sitting next to when there are very sexual scenes going on. Also, I’m not sure this movie is so much the tear-jerker that others are. I sat through most of the movie pretty stunned and left the theater that way. It wasn’t until after I left that I think things sunk in and the waterworks started. But maybe bring tissues just in case. Also, for the squeamish…there may be some scenes where you have to cover your eyes. Just sayin. Not sure if those tips help or whatever, but the first one is definitely important! I can’t imagine seeing that movie with my parents!

On to today…

Cous Cous for Breakfast


I had a fried egg over cous cous. Yes, cous cous for breakfast = awesome.


I realized this morning that I worked so hard ensuring I had dinner covered last night (and have been too busy to go to the grocery store), that I forgot to make sure I had something for lunch. I pulled together a few things, but knowing I’d be low on protein, an egg seemed like a good breakfast choice.

IMG_5037.jpg IMG_5039.jpg

I basically grazed on food all day. First – a homemade almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich with chia seeds on Great Harvest flax oat bran with some tortilla chips.


Later – I had PB FOB toast with a big salad (baby spinach, baby carrots, tomatoes, cous cous, and sunflower seeds with Sesame Goddess dressing).

I found a can of emergency soup at my desk, but I was unable to open it due to a complete lack of can openers at my office. Wth?! lol

I subbed a Zumba class after work today. The class was HUGE! I guess people are really showing up in class for their fitness resolutions. That or they just missed us over the holidays. hehe. I had so much fun teaching and a fab playlist to boot. My favorite songs tonight were: Mira (the merengue I choreographed!), Alright, Valio la Pena (Salsa version), and Moscas en la Casa (a cool down song I learned about from The Fitnessista when she used it at the Zumba class we taught at HLS!).

I hit up Trader Joe’s on the way home (more on that in a bit).

Pub Fare at Home


Once home, it was time to cook dinner. Ok, hubby cooked it. He bought some pre-made burgers with cheese from Earthfare and asparagus. We also had some Cascadian Farms potato wedges we seasoned with some random dry spices (salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika) and baked away.


We got the fabulous grill pan as a Christmas present from hubby’s mom. It’s Le Creuset and turquoise!! 🙂


All together now. Dinner was quite enjoyable. We basically had pub fare at home – cheaper, faster, and in a more comfortable environment.


I must admit I wasn’t sure how I’d like the pre-formed burgers from Earthfare, but they were actually really, really good! Hubby – get these any time!

Eat In Month Pantry Stocking

On to groceries. Eat In Monthers may be curious to know what I bought to stock my pantry. I tried to go Trader Joe’s on New Year’s Day to get the year kicked off right. But they were closed without any signs on the door or anything! 🙁 It’s been half a week waiting, but I finally had time to go there today. And boy did I stock up. Here’s was $80-ish dollars will get you:


Frozen foods: fish sticks (because I’m getting tired of those halibut filets), corn soy dogs, artichoke hearts, vegetable gyoza, edamame, and mochi.

Sure fish sticks and corn dogs aren’t really healthy, but I still think they’re a better choice over fast food or (most) greasy take-out. Sometimes, it’s about choosing the better choice…not the perfect one. Anywho, I do love frozen veggies. I’m hoping to do something cool with the artichoke hearts. Also, I have a slight obsession with mochi (thank you Japanese restaurant waitressing gig from college…lol) in all forms.


Refrigerated foods: Canadian bacon, tempeh, marinated tofu (because actually marinating tofu is easy but slow), mascarpone cheese, and asiago cheese. I’m hoping these will make some great meals soon.


Canned foods: Cuban style black beans (because I love Cuban food and these will be easier than trying to flavor black beans – sometimes you want to be lazy), pinto beans, kidney beans, and coconut milk.

I love using the beans in quick soups and the coconut milk in oatmeal and smoothies (and hot chocolate!).


Grains/starches: polenta (very versatile and a nice change up from the usual rice/bread), wild rice, brown rice (for when you want brown rice, but you need it fast), green chile (how’d this get in this group? lol).


Fresh: English cucumber (for salads), peeled garlic (because I’ve been wanting to make 40 cloves of garlic chicken for forever!), onion (for soup or something), pears (because pears are awesome).


I also got chicken broth to make soup, sauces, etc, and Yerba Mate tea because I adore it. I love Yerba Mate for when you think you need a second cup of coffee but want something a little lighter.

Be sure to check out my post about stocking a pantry for Eat In Month.

Eat In Monthers – be sure to leave any posts you think the other challenge participants may like in the Discussion boards. I know one of you has already enjoyed a certain peppermint mocha recipe (seen via twitter) but please post the recipes in the Discussion boards to help spread great ideas like that one! 🙂

What have you been stocking in your pantry lately? Any interesting finds?

33 thoughts on “EIM Pantry Stocking + Pub Food at Home”

  1. I love what you said-“Sometimes it’s about making the better choice-not the perfect one”. I think that is so spot on! No one can be perfect in their eating habits all the time.

  2. I went to the store yesterday to stock up on a few healthy items and randomly bought brussel sprouts (have never had them before). I am nervous to try them out but know they are extremely good for you! Maybe tonight will be the night! A couple of must haves in my fridge/pantry are tuna, almond milk, egg whites, and frozen veggies! 🙂

  3. That’s crazy, your TJ’s Mochi looks COMPLETELY different from the one I’m used to from TJ’s! So strange.

    We always have onion and garlic on hand. ALWAYS. Always eggs, some kind of bean, and a least a little milk. I’m starting to always have goat cheese on hand too! Yum.

  4. I have that same Le Creuset pan and love it, but I am yet to figure out how to clean it with ease. It is the perfect pan for the nights when you can’t grill outside.

  5. I agree with your tips for seeing Black Swan! I saw it alone but there were definitely scenes where I felt awkward with even another stranger sitting 4 seats down from me in my row! Then there were other scenes that I wanted to turn to that stranger 4 seats away and mouth a big “OMG!!!”

    It was definitely a rich, thought-provoking and intense movie. After seeing it once, I want to see it again because there is so much to deconstruct!

  6. We had an Eat in Month FAIL ,yesterday. I got home from work and noticed the lunch I had left for the husband and kindergartener was still in the refrigerator. He casually mentions they had leftovers. After probing deeper with my 5 yr old they went out for Mexican food. It took a while for her to get up the goods on the real situation. Seriously…Seriously?!?

    • That is so funny! I can totally picture a conversation going down like this at home. My husband is “supportive” but not necessarily “participating”. I’m not sure what he has done for lunch and I KNOW he has been getting coffee out.

  7. I’m having fun with Eat In Month! Here are a few of my home recipes this week:
    Burgers http://inanenvelope.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/creamed-spinach-and-honey-roasted-tomato-burgers/
    Sweet & Salty Stirfr http://inanenvelope.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/sweet-and-salty-stirfry/
    Roast Beef Sandwiches http://inanenvelope.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/baked-oats-breakfast-and-roast-beef-sandwiches-dinner/

    I’m allotting one “flex” meal a week and tomorrow’s dinner will be it! Anyone else doing a personalized version of the challenge?


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