Spring Tease

We had another glorious day of pre-spring weather today!


Bailey enjoyed basking in the sun.

IMG_8068.jpg IMG_8065.jpg IMG_8060.jpg

It’s really such a tease of spring. I know cold weather will be back before spring, but I’m enjoying this heat while I can!


And did you figure out my latest secret baking ingredient?

It’s MACHA GREEN TEA! I can’t wait to make all kinds of fun stuff. I’m thinking:

  • Matcha Green Tea oats
  • Matcha granola
  • Matcha muffins
  • Matcha cupcakes (with matcha frosting…duh!)
  • and of course, Matcha Green Tea Lattes!!!!


I had one of those yummy blueberry almond snack bars as a pre-workout snack today after work.



As for a workout…I kicked off the weekend with an amazing hour of ZUMBA! There’s nothing like Zumba to kick off a weekend. You leave work feeling exhausted and then go to Zumba to re-charge your batteries. I feel like I had enough “battery power” to make it through the rest of the weekend. And this is a good thing because I have a Zumbathon to help out at tomorrow! 😉

My favorite songs tonight:

  • Born This Way (that’s right – one of our instructors choreographed a song to this already…woot!)
  • Rompe
  • How Low


I’m working on a plan of action for my pre-emptive strike on bikini season. So far, I’m planning on doing Zumba at least 3 times a week, and possibly adding minor toning like crunches and pushups…or weight lifting. I don’t belong to a gym, so I find the strength building more challenging.


After Zumba, I picked up one of my favorite evening indulgences – Mediterranean take out and a bottle of wine.


Yup, this is one of my “party on a plates” meals – hummus, potatoes harra, pickled veggies, dolma, baba gannoush, tabbouleh, and a spinach pastry.


I actually have work to do tonight (yes, “real work”), so I’m off to wrap up things. I’m hoping to not have to work more later this weekend.

Do you work on the weekends? Real work or blog work or part time work?

8 thoughts on “Spring Tease”

  1. Woot! I’m not a bikini girl…but I’m getting married in July and am Zumba-ing my way to my wedding day. LOL.
    5 times a week though (I teach 4) which is A LOT of cardio. I have 5 lb weights and I do weight exercises I remember from Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I feel like a little bit goes a looooong way!

    Love Barefoot Wine! You’ve convinced me to go open a bottle…

  2. My fav meals are party on a plate! It’s like have a bunch of app’s which is much more fun than a full meal.
    I work on course assignments or blog stuff on the weekend but not generally “work” stuff.

  3. Oh bummer! Hope work went by quick!

    Yes, I have weird hours since I work with volunteers and we host many events. But it all evens out for the most part, but can be very tiring.

  4. I’m so lucky to not have to work on the weekends but I do have loads of homework and blogging 🙂

    An idea for the strength training and ab workouts is Jillian Michael’s dvds. My mom, older sister, and I all do them and they are HARD!! All you need is 3-5 lb dumbells and her dvd’s which you can find on Amazon or Ebay reasonably priced.


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