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I’ve mentioned before on my blog, but as I get older, I find myself returning to my roots. For example, I grew up with a “health freak” dad, ate healthy in my youth, ended up eating crappy-food in college, and have been re-learning about healthy eating over the last few years. Long time readers will probably be familiar with that story.

But beyond eating habits, sometimes I feel a bit like I’m losing other aspects of myself over time that need to be reclaimed. Most recently, I’ve been thinking about style as it relates to self-pride.

Sometimes I wonder…where did that silly girl who used to laugh at everything and know how to have a good time in college go? What about the shopaholic-fashion-diva who used to wear a different outfit every day? I think she’s inside me…somewhere. I think somewhere in the shuffle of that thing called “maturing” (or “getting old”), she took a wrong turn.

I was talking with my friend Erica the other day about how somewhere in our twenties we decided to be “real adults.” We thought, “Ok. Now we’re grown up and need to be serious.” Not that we made this decision together (I didn’t know her at the time), but I think a lot of people go through this change. But who said you need to be serious just because you’re an adult? I’m starting to think the crazy eccentric old ladies with the crazy make-up, funky hats, and wild clothes are on to something.

This all reminds me of those characters I’ve seen on Anthony Bourdain who remind me to act like a child. (check out the post for some interesting quotes)

Or that quote from Van Wilder: “You shouldn’t take life so seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

So what does being too serious have to do with lack of style or self-pride? I guess it depends on the person. Personally, I’ve found myself getting so caught up in adult-y things (work, bills, the house) that I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. I’ve gotten into the mindset that things like style don’t matter when I have more important things like a mortgage to think about. I guess in general, I feel I’ve become a little apathetic towards my appearance. I throw together random outfits without really caring what I’m wearing. I find myself many days leaving the house without having taken a look in the mirror to see what I actually look like. It’s not so much that fact that I don’t look like I should be in an outfit straight out of a magazine spread that bothers me. It’s the fact that I don’t care either way what I look like. Maybe you’re familiar with this habit? It happens to the best of us from time to time. Perhaps you’ve recently had a baby, taken on a new job, or moved across the country? Whatever the case may be, if you’ve found yourself in neglect, then now is the time to send some attention back to fabulous-you. And while I don’t think looks are all that matter, I think there should be some priority placed in caring about them. It’s not about being superficial, it’s about having self-pride.

One of the best examples of self-pride I can think of is the most memorable Sartorialist post I’ve ever seen. Click here to view the man featured and read a bit about his story. It’s short, but Scott talks about how the price of the man’s clothing weren’t what mattered. It was the way he polished his shoes, rocked his suit, and had his own stylish way of doing things that showed his pride.

Enter Project Get Glam. I have some monthly challenges coming up over the next several months, covering various topics, but instead of making PGG a monthly challenge, I just want to kick it off now and see where it goes. PGG could simply be something I think about once in awhile over the next year or so. Who knows?!

PGG is not about having the most expensive clothes, accessories or beauty products, but rocking out the ones you do have with confidence and class.

So what is Project Get Glam (PGG)? It can be whatever you want it to be. PGG is not about having the most expensive clothes, accessories or beauty products, but rocking out the ones you do have with confidence and class. It’s almost more a frame of mind. For me, PGG will be a reminder to take pride in myself via my style.


Now, maybe I’ve seen Clueless one too many times, but when I think about getting glam, I think about make-overs. I hope you don’t read into this too much. I’m not saying you need to look like someone else, that you need to pile on even wear any make up, or that you need a bunch of beauty products to feel your self-worth. I just have blast getting make-overs and pampering myself a bit. I love playing with the new products and colors. It’s f-u-n! 🙂

I’m generally not a big beauty product kind of gal, but I do like getting a few essential items once in awhile. I think makeovers are a good way of finding them.

Last week, I hit up Sephora in search of new make-up for two things:

  1. Teaching Zumba class
  2. Just for fun / going out

I actually didn’t get a makeover that day. I just bought products to give myself a bit of a makeover later.


When I used to go out in college, my favorite products all contained a magic ingredient of sorts – GLITTER! It’s sparkly, pretty, and reminds me of fairy dust. There’s nothing like a dusting of glitter to put you in the mood for fun.

One of my favorite products was glitter eyeliner. And would you know it…I guess it’s coming back in style because several brands make it now! So, I happily picked up a pretty turquoise sparkle eye liner.


I also picked up some colorful eye liners and a sparkly eye shadow.

A little over the top? Yes! But I’m planning on using these for special occasions. I would never wear this stuff to the office! lol


When I went out for Megan’s birthday this past weekend, I went ahead and rocked that glitter eye liner.


Do you need to spend a bunch of money to get glam? No. But for me, if $20 of eye make-up can make me feel like a million bucks, than it was $20 well spent. 😉

I’ll be posting more of my Project Get Glam stories as I go. You’re welcome to join in the fun with your own challenge, tailored of course to suit your preferences, if you’d like. And like I said…hopefully you don’t take this lil challenge too seriously – it’s meant to be light-hearted FUN! 🙂

Reader question: How do you get glam?

20 thoughts on “Project Get Glam”

  1. Your timing is perfect! I’ve been feeling like I need a makeover or something to freshen myself up lately. I seriously need a new hairstyle and need to find better makeup. There’s nothing like a trip to Sephora to feel glam!

  2. Yay, so fun. I read so may mommy blogs that are full of fabulousness and style and I feel like such a bump on a log. My unglam comes from having 2 kids and being over weight (which I obviously need to work on). I actually wrote about the need to be fabulous despite my size in a blog post (OMG it’s been 2 years since I wrote it!), but apparently I forgot since I wear jeans and a black Vneck daily!

  3. Yeah!! I am so excited for PGG!!! I am 100% clueless when it comes to fashion, makeup, and hair. Though I have been in love with this light purple nail polish from Essie that I have been wearing since Oct/Nov. I feel like a beauty queen when I first do my nails, my boyfriend jokes because I have pep in my step because of it. I wear a uniform to work daily so clothes outside of work have become very boring. My thought is why bother, I live in my work clothes why should I spend the money for something that will fall out of fashion.
    My boyfriend is encouraging me to explore my girly side and this is the push I needed. I can’t wait to see what you and everyone else post!

    P.S. If anyone knows a great hair cut for someone that wears glasses 24/7 please post a link. really would love a hair cut but all the pictures I find are of Tina Fey or Sarah Palin and I already had that style.

  4. YEA…you are on to MY eye makeup now!!!! I love my Sephora eyeshadow and pencil….and Glitter is for EVERYDAY…ALL the TIME
    It will make you feel sexy and glamorous!!! I invited the sales girls from Carolina Place Sephora to come to QCDO and gave them my card…..2 of them came to Erica’s Friday class a few times and I met them there. Please go ands see Karissa at Carolina Place and she will give you all the special treatment you deserve.
    I wear Urban Decay 24/7 sparkley eyeliner and LOVE it. No smear ands long lasting. I also LOVE my Blue Blood No 5 tri color sparkley eyeshadow. But the most wonderful item that I can share with you (and everyone else) is L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara….the red and white one (not the blue one) You will see what I am referring to when you go see it. I have shared it with many many people and once they try it they LOVE it also. My friend gave it to all of her QCDO friends for Christmas because she loves it so much. It is a 2 part mascara….and it does not come off or make black marks….it put TUBES around each eyelash and makes them look Super long and thick! It comes off with warm water!!!! You will love it …just try it. Sephora sells something like it for more money…called Blinc…..and I used to buy that until I found L’Oreals….now I prefer L’Oreal’s ……anyway….that is my 63 year old advice!!! cause I love ya !

  5. What a great idea! I can totally relate to your “growing up and losing glam” story. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. So I set up a little February challenge for myself: Wear lipstick to work every day!
    Now it has become a habit that seems to stick. Adding some color and glam to my look makes me feel so great!

    I still have lots of bold eye shadow from my younger, wilder days. They’re next on my list!

    Let’s get some GLAM!


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