Brush Splurge



Wednesday started off with a fabulous bowl of hot oats.


We’re out of fruit at the moment, so I just did simple oats with a small spoonful of whipped cinnamon honey to jazz it up. Also on top: flaxseed meal, coconut flakes, and sliced almonds. Yum!



Bailey says hi!!!


Did anyone else see this feature in last month’s Real Simple for Classic skin and hair products? Any guesses how much this brush costs?


BAM! $151??? Now, I am a bit of a splurger when it comes to hair and beauty products, but the last time I bought a brush and thought it was “expensive”, it was “only” about $45. This is 3 times as much! Perhaps this brush is the type of product that lasts for years and years? I do believe the old saying “You get what you pay for.” But, I don’t think a $150 brush is up my alley. lol splurge

Now, I do like name brand hair products from companies like: Bumble and Bumble, Aveda, and Redken. 😉

Would you pay $150 for a hair brush?

Do you splurge on hair products?

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  1. First of all, I’m sure many people have told you this, but YOUR DOG IS SOOO ADORABLE!!! Corgi right??? I am in love with those dogs and plan on getting one ASAP! Second, I also splurge on hair products. It’s one of those things that I just think it’s worth to spend money on. I have never paid so much for a brush but I certainly pay that much for hair services and for products and appliances of various kinds…it’s built in to our budget haha!

    • Yup, Bailey is a corgi! 🙂

      I tend to splurge on hair stuff, too. My current fave product line = Bumble & Bumble…which also equal $$$$$$$!!!! lol

  2. i just own a comb! random question, where did you buy your cream sofa? my mother-in-law has been looking for that style and color for a while now. thanks!
    (sorry if this posts twice, i am having internet problems:)

  3. I would never spend that much on a hair brush! I have a $5 brush and a $4 comb. The last hair cut I had was almost a year ago. Terrible I know.
    When I first read your title I thought you were going to mention makeup brushes!! Maybe I have my priorities mixed up. My hair is an accessory I don’t utilize enough.

  4. Oh lord. Haha. I do whatever the complete opposite of splurging is. I think my brush costs $10 and I was apprehensive about spending even that on a hairbrush. Other than $10 worth of shampoo and conditioner, I have no hair products. I guess I’m lucky than my hair is straight and healthy and requires very little money to stay that way.

  5. Hi Bailey! So cute 🙂

    I must admit, I did splurge on that brush…about 7 years ago. And wouldn’t you know, it still looks and works like brand new. It really is the best. They have a smaller version which is still very functional that works just as well…

  6. The only thing I would pay $150 for vanity wise is a pair of designer jeans!

    And I had to giggle at you starting the post with “Salut”. Little M picked that up from somewhere and now she always says it before we start eating and we have to clink silverware. Kids!

  7. I’ve had a Mason Pearson hairbrush since I was probably about eight, and had no idea they were so expensive until fairly recently. I think someone gave it to my mom and she didn’t know how much it was worth so she gave it to me, but the fact that I’ve had it for that long says something about it, I guess!

  8. My brush was 20$ and I thought it was expensive lol. I only brush my hair when it is wet so I don’t think a brush that creates shine would be useful for me :P.

  9. Would I buy a hairbrush that cost $150—two words- “HECK NO!” I think it’s funny that people are wasting that much money on something so frivilous…that’s a few dinners out with the hubby or a couple girl’s nights!

  10. wow, what a hairbrush. i’d expect miracles from that thing. my hairbrush is years old…and it is just fine 🙂 i have no idea when/where i got it- probably target in college when i cut my hair shorter and needed a smaller brush.

  11. I would never pay that for a hair brush, but straightner? Yes, after looking for cheaper deals on amazon and ebay of course. Shoes? Maybe.

  12. I use a comb that came in a travel set and I haven’t had any problems, other than my hair drying out from over obsesseive coloring. I do splurge on hair products though, I’m definately not gonna lie.

  13. Uhhhhh, NO! I would never spend $151 on a hair brush even if I was so rich $151 felt like a penny! That’s just ridiculous! And I’ve seen the same brush with the same natural bristles for much much less. In fact, have even seen them at good ol’ TJ Maxx!

  14. Hi Diana!

    This is my first time commenting on your blog even though I’m a long time reader. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I actually own one of those hairbrushes. My mom bought it for me about eleven years ago as a birthday present. Back in the day, it was a much more “reasonable” $105. Lol. I’m not sure if I would have splurged myself, but it really is an amazing brush! It feels like your head gets a message when you use it and it makes your hair super soft and shiny. Seeing as how it was so expensive, I literally guard that thing with my life. One time, I caught a roommate borrowing it because she couldn’t find her own brush and she had just taken a shower. Let’s just say she never tried to use it again ;).

    Real Simple is right: it is a classic purchase and it will last a lifetime, but it would still probably be vey difficult to justify the purchase if I didn’t receive it as a gift.

    • I don’t think there’s any reason to be embarrassed! It sounds like from most of the comments that the brush is top-notch quality, works well, and lasts forever. It sounds like a good investment, actually.

      Now…if I can only figure out way for someone to gift it to me like everyone did. 😉

  15. I don’t know that I’d spend that much on a brush, but I did get a Chi straightener and blow dryer – so maybe it’s just about what we feel like we NEED? I know that good hair days totally boost my confidence – and sometimes that worth a little extra money in my opinion!


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