Royal Wedding Slumber Party

Any other crazy people out there who woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding!?


My friend Erica invited me over for a Royal Wedding slumber party, and I was super excited to go. Especially since hubby wasn’t particularly interested in waking up early to watch the festivities. lol


But let’s rewind to Thursday night since that’s when the party kicked off.





Erica’s home was decorated super cute for the special occasion.


I brought over macarons and the Veggie Girl cookies I got in the mail earlier that day (the ones Bailey tried to steal! that dog!). (I know, I know…the macarons are FRENCH! But we don’t have an English bakery and we all really like these macarons)


So, we sipped wine and noshed on cookies and macaroons whilst catching some of the last minute news about the wedding.


Like any good slumber party, we stayed up a little too late chit-chatting. 4:00am came way too fast, and I think I only ended up with roughly 2 hours of sleep. Yikes!


Luckily, we had plenty of coffee.



After waking up enough to be able to think straight, we changed into dresses, big hats, and tiaras to watch the wedding.


I also brought over yummy blueberry muffins for breakfast!


I had so much fun watching the royal wedding with my friends. It was so fun to see everything with people who were as excited about the event as me! 🙂

As expected, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I saw a lot of tweets about how this wedding was the kind of happy-occasion, fairy tale that the world needs now, and I agree. Yay for happy times!

And yay for vacation days. I was so happy I took the day off from work, so I didn’t have to go into the office. Phew!

Next up…a fabulous brunch. The festivities didn’t stop here! Check back later for more of my Royal day off!

Did you do anything fun to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

8 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Slumber Party”

  1. Oh my goodness looks like so much fun!!! I had a final exam that same morning so I watched up until the ceremony and then had to rush of for my test…so not nearly as fun but I did LOVE watching it!

  2. That looks like a really fun party, I got up early to watch the ceremony too!

    Just for the record, those are not macaroons, macaroons are coconut cookies. Those colourful and totally delicious cookies you brought to the party are macarons, a completely different type of cookie!


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