Return to Real Food

Saturday was a fabulous day!


We started at one of my favorite places – the farmer’s market.


Bailey was as social as ever.


Hubby and I found lots of fresh veg to buy.


We got some organic kale, bok choy, power lettuce mix, and snap peas.


Then, I managed to talk (my meat-eating) hubby into getting a late breakfast at Luna’s Living Kitchen. I’ve been wanting to come to this place for forever! I used to frequent it back when it was called Real Food Charlotte, and I’m so glad it’s re-opened.


I enjoyed lunch al fresco with my two favorite boys – hubby


and Bailey.


Hubby got the parfait with coconut yogurt, hemp granola, blueberries, and goji berries.


I got the buckwheat blaster


“This meal is the brother of the Swiss Alps creation (Bircher Muesli). It is the perfect game of the buckwheat, dates, apple, coconut, and nutmeg.”

I was reminded how much I like this place by the yummy food. I also found out the restaurant is now open for dinner Monday – Thursday. Woohoo!


Next up – a shopping trip at Crate & Barrel! Photos of my goodies next time. 😉


And since we were in the area, we hit up The Cowfish!


It was hubby’s suggestion, too!


I got to pick the entree, so he picked the appetizer.


Crab Rangoon dip.


For the entree, we got one of their specialty rolls. I forgot the name, and it doesn’t appear to be on their online menu.


Basically, it had shrimp tempura (with coconut flakes), kani, cucumber, with avocado and papaya and coconut flakes on top.


The roll was some sort of specialty today and by purchasing it, they donated 20% to Loaves & Fishes.


It was a good excuse to try a new roll that sounded really tasty.


Next up – a makeover! I got a mini facial at Origins. I’ve been a die-hard Bobbi Brown fan for the last 10+ years, but recently, I’ve been thinking of switching to more natural skin care. Since my mom started using Origins, I decided to check it out.

They did a scrub, a serum, a moisturizer, eye cream…plus a mineral powder, concealer, lip gloss, eye makeup, and mascara! Fun!


Ta-daaaaa! I thought it looked pretty good, but I don’t wear much face makeup day to day and probably won’t be buying the make-up products. As for the skin care, I’m a firm believer in testing before you buy. So, I got enough samples of the scrub, moisturizer, and serum to last about a week. We’ll see how my skin looks then. 🙂


The fun just kept going…next up we saw Bridesmaids. There were some graphic scenes I could have done without, but overall, I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was really funny. There were some parts I wish they would have tied up better, but it was worth watching. 🙂


And finally, we ended the day with a pizza dinner in and watching some TV at home and just relaxing. I’m feeling much better, but still dealing with some residual fatigue from being sick last week, so I didn’t really want to do anything too crazy.

Have you seen any good movies lately? What did you see and do you recommend them?

19 thoughts on “Return to Real Food”

  1. What a wonderful way to spend the day! 🙂

    The facial sounds wonderful, I need one!

    I have heard of both of those restaurants and the food looks wonderful! 🙂 I haven’t seen Bridesmaids but it looks hilarious! I saw Ice River recently and it was awesome. 🙂 Have a great start to your week!

  2. Wow looks like such a fun day! I don’t think I could ever get my husband to stick around for a day of shopping and things like that! The plating at both of those restaurants is so beautiful, and your pictures are awesome.

  3. It looks like you had such a awesome day out! I’ve heard of Luna’s (from Katie), and I wish I could try it!

    I actually really enjoyed Thor, since I went in with no expectations, the Lincoln Lawyer and Something Borrowed!


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