Book Procrastination & Dough Balls Redux

There are many things that I procrastinate doing, and they’re not all bad.


Take, for example, finishing Water for Elephants. Sure, I could have finished the book weeks ago. But instead…


…instead, I folded a corner near one of the final chapters down and decided to wait. I guess I didn’t actually decide to wait, I just never decided to finish the book. I just don’t want the story to end. The last couple chapters are becoming precious pages of reading material that must only be enjoyed on special occasion. Part of me knows how silly this is, and yet part of me wants Mr. Jankowski (the young and old versions) to live on in page after page of typed black letters and heart-wrenching stories.

After waiting several weeks, I think I’m finally to finish reading the last couple chapters…just maybe. 😉


On Sunday, I woke up wanting to do something fun and new with the blueberries I picked up at the farmer’s market the day before.

In my head, I envisioned something like an individual berry breakfast crisp, but with the oat topping mixed throughout the berries. But, I also wanted to mix an egg into the batter for protein (to keep you full!), and I figured that would throw the proportions off, making more of an individual breakfast cake.


I think the end result wasn’t far from a cake. It’s either cake or muffin like. I’m thinking of calling it an Individual Blueberry Breakfast Scoop-Cake, since you eat it with a spoon. 😉 It’s also a new Not So Sweet recipe, and a cinch to whip up. I think you guys will like it! I’ll be sharing the recipe some time this week.


Although we did great picking up produce at the market yesterday, we didn’t get any proteins.


So, I just whipped up a noodle bowl, Italian-themed this time, for a quick lunch. I used frozen onions, pasta water, organic cherry tomatoes, fresh basil from my herb garden, and bread crumbs. Pasta water helped make the sauce. It was simple, tasty, and made the house smell amazing!


Another thing I procrastinate doing is responding to blog comments. Oops. I don’t know why I procrastinate this since reading and responding to blog comments is one of my absolutely favorite parts of blogging! Seriously you guys, I read each and every comment you all post. They make me smile, laugh, think, and overall feel good. They are wonderful, so please, keep em coming.


And if you saw a slew of comment responses hit your email inbox on Sunday, that’s because I like to set aside some time to reply to comments to make it even extra special. Lately, I’ve been hitting up local coffee shops, finding a nice quiet table, and sipping on some sort of flavored latte whilst reading and responding to you all. It is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend!


I also brought some reading material to the coffee shop – Well Being Journal, Summer Entertaining, and Clean Eating magazine – the 3 purchases I made at the book shop the night before.


And even hubby and Bailey made the trip to FABO. I love how they let you bring your pets inside! And being surrounded by so much beautiful, locally made art helps fuel my creative spirit.


After the coffee shop, Megan came over for dinner.


Hubby and I made grilled chicken breasts and grilled potatoes – both with a lemon/rosemary vinaigrette with rosemary from our backyard. I also made steamed cabbage (from the market!) and carrots.


And for dessert…


…a little something I’ve been missing – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (click for recipe)!


After watching the Food TV show (several weeks ago) where Annie the Baker showed the audience how to make her sugar cookie dough balls, I was inspired to try a new preparation method. It worked…and was actually one of the methods I utilized when I went through my trial batch period perfecting my own version of the “dough ball.” I’m thinking the method will mean having dough balls at your beckoning call, which means you guys will flip! Or maybe it’s just me flipping…because I’d have just cause to procrastinate baking them? 😉 You’ll see…


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Reader Question #1: What are you guilty of procrastinating?

Reader Question #2: Did you ever delay finishing a book because you don’t want the story to end? Which book was it?

13 thoughts on “Book Procrastination & Dough Balls Redux”

  1. Yes, the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mysteries by Laurie R. King. I’ve been holding off reading the most recent two in the series and hoarding them for when I’m really in need of distraction or something! 🙂 I’ll probably start at the beginning and re-read them all once I’ve finished too. I love when you find a book that makes you want to do that.

  2. Hehe I’m always procrastinating about something or other – I worry too much it and it means I put off doing all sorts of things “just in case”. Blog comments is one I’m a nightmare for too – I’m always forgetting to respond to them! Same with books – I have a gazillion books that I just can’t quite bring myself to finish! It’s so silly 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to the feeling of not wanting a story to end. But Water for Elephants is really good, and I thought the ending was perfect. So you should finish it! 🙂 Every time I read one of Jennifer Weiner or Emily Giffen’s books, I don’t want them to end.

    Can’t wait to hear about the dough ball prep. I made those a LOT during the holidays! That was a great recipe! I am so glad you did all the work to share them with the world!

  4. I hope you share the dough ball prep! Your recipe was the first one I tried when I made dough balls last winter. They are amazing. I actually just tried raw ones last week from Averie and love those too. I need an endless supply of dough balls!

  5. I always procrastinate doing my readings for class. It just doesn’t happen. And at the end of the semester, I end up cramming my brains out. Hopefully this doesn’t happen in my future job…!

    I love your dough balls! I made them once a long time ago and they were a huge hit. I’ll have to make them again soon.

    I’m the opposite with books, though. I HAVE to read to the ending ASAP and I just can’t put them down 🙂

  6. the time traveler’s wife! i lovedddd that book and didn’t want it to end. i think i need to read it again! by the way, i love those little baking dishes you use for your blueberry crisp!

  7. Hi Diana.
    i procrastinate everything from decluttering my tiny messy apt, doing my nails, shopping and the list goes on. i finally got around to trying your pumpkin oatmeal and it was awesome. even my 2 year old ate it and he doesnt like anything. i want to try your green monster muffin next 😉 love all your recipes.
    take care.

    • Thanks so much JennA! Glad to hear the pumpkin oatmeal was a hit with even your 2 year old. That’s so cool. Kids are so picky! Hopefully he likes the muffins too! 🙂


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