Easy Patriotic Themed Sugar Cookie Decoration

Sometimes you want to spend hours perfecting the decoration of a dessert for a holiday party, but sometimes, you just want to slap some frosting on a cookie and call it a day.

If you want to be festive whilst enjoying some lazy down-time, then I have the easiest project on earth for you.

The key? Quick Drizzle Frosting …ok, and sugar cookies…or better yet…Sugar Cookie Dough Balls!

Click here for the recipe for both.


I happened to decorate sugar cookies recently for the Fourth of July in patriotic colors – red, white, and blue. (But you could use any color customized to the event/holiday/etc. you’re celebrating).


Since sugar cookies are pretty much white already, and I didn’t think white frosting would contrast well, I whipped up two separate batches of the Quick Drizzle Frosting and colored one with red gel coloring and the other with blue.


Add in some white sprinkles and you’ve got a patriotic themed cookie perfect for not only the Fourth of July, but how about Memorial Day…or heck, France uses the same colors – what about Bastille Day? Seriously, switch up the colors and you can celebrate any holiday! 😉


How-to: I placed my room temperature cookies on a cooling rack, which I placed over the baking sheet that still had the parchment paper I used to bake the cookies.

I made sure the frosting was the right consistency – thick enough while still being easy to drizzle across the cookies. I drizzled the red frosting back and forth over the cookies, working my way from one row to the next. Then, followed up, repeating the process with the blue frosting. And finally, I added sprinkles on top to complete the decoration. Easy, peesy, right?


The mess was pretty much made over the parchment, which you were going to throw away anyways.


Did I mention this project is kid-friendly, too? Pre-baked cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. Not too scary, right? It’s easy and fun. If you’re decorating with kids, you may just want to cover the table you use for decorating with old newspaper, etc. to keep the frosting from making a mess.


By the way, the frosting tastes so-so on it’s own (since it’s pretty much just powdered sugar and water), but once eaten with the cookies, you won’t even notice.

If you do want to add an extra zing, use lemon or lime juice instead of the water in the Quick Drizzle Frosting recipe!


Do you like to take your time with food/dessert decorations, or do you prefer easier alternatives?

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  1. I tend to like easy alternatives. I don’t mind taking an extra five minutes to apply a crumb coating or pipe frosting, but anything more than that needs to be for a really special occasion because I don’t have the patience.

    The quick drizzle frosting is right up my alley.


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