Desi Dress-Up & New Recipe Sneak Peeks

On Monday, I headed over to my middle school best friend’s house for a little Desi Dress-Up party. I’m attending her wedding in a couple weeks, and she graciously offered to let me where some of her super-cool Indian clothes to the wedding!

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(Btw, you may remember my friend Marium from my trip to San Francisco and wine country in 2009 – click to view)


I tried on 5 or 6 different outfits – a couple skirt/top combos and one “suit.” They were all so pretty, but after showing each outfit to Marium’s family (mom, dad, sister, and aunt), we narrowed it down to 3 options. I can’t wait her wedding! I’ve never been to an Indian wedding before, so I’m really excited!


Marium and I grew up in this town, so we went to a childhood fave of ours while we were both in town – Coffee Underground! For me, this place is another one of my must-sees whenever I’m in town.


We both got omelet bowls and I subbed my toast for a cheddar chive biscuit. I think I could have eaten a platter of those biscuits…they were so good!


We set up in the “Red Room” to catch up over coffee and breakfast.


I wanted a pistachio latte, but they were out of the syrup! 🙁 So I got toffee nut instead. The foam was lovely.


Afterwards, I headed back to my parents house for lunch and then to hit the road. I made my family a summer mocktail with this watermelon and mint.


And once hubby and I got home, I tried yet another creation – a new dough ball flavor!! Any guesses what it is? I added patriotic themed frosting to the dough balls since it was still the Fourth. 🙂 But, I’m going to give you guys directions so you can do any color combo you want for any holiday or occasion. I think it will be a kid-friendly project, too!

How did you spend your Fourth of July (if you were celebrating the holiday or not – we all had a 7/4/11, right?) 😉

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  1. Diana! I just saw your feature in Zlife…how awesome!! I saw your picture and was like, oh my gosh…I read her blog!! Hehe.

    Loved the recipes and photos…congrats! 🙂 (New instructor+Zin member here as of last month ;))

    • Danielle! You were the first to comment about the magazine article! Thank you so, so much! I got your comment while I was at convention and it made me smile. Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you again! 🙂


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