A Shiny New Planner & Road Trip Tips

I’ve had so many great blog post ideas queued up in my head:

  • a special (and wonderful!) announcement/reveal
  • that yummy Italian egg-bake – so perfect in the morning for busy people like us
  • as well as several other tasty recipes

But, I just couldn’t wait to share photos of my shiny new planner!

See, I used to be a bit of a geek back in school. I actually always looked forward to the start of the school year and my favorite part of getting ready for the school year was always getting new school supplies – the fun folders, the colored notebooks/paper, and oh the colored pens! Those were my faves. Well, except for my maybe the thing that kept my busy school-life in order – my planner. I would always find the prettiest, cutest planner and used all those colored pens to coordinate my subjects and homework assignments. I was so on top of my game back then. lol At one point, I even used to write down what outfit I wore that day so I didn’t wear it again too soon.

Alas, over the years, I forgot about my beloved organization system. I never really found a planner that functioned like the ones I used in school. Eventually, I tried flying by the seat of my pants without a planner. At some point, I tried entering dates and to-dos into my phone, but it just didn’t have the same effect.

It’s only been recently that I decided I should give a paper planner another try.

So, I guess, with all that history, it should come as no surprise that I was excited about the purchase of my new planner in preparation for the organization challenge I’ll be running in September.

Shiny New Planner


I was so excited when I saw the box arrive in the mail.


Enjoy indeed!


I loved the TCL blue tissue paper, of course.


And I even got some freebies – special stickers for placing on gifts, etc. Some in this nifty giraffe-looking print and some to match my planner.


And for the planner – here it is! It’s the Life Planner by Erin Condren. See! Another super-cute, and this time personalized, planner. Hazzah!


I chose this planner because it’s organized by week AND month – exactly the format I used back when I was in school.


And this one has some other neat features – stickers!!


And tabs!

And just look at all those pretty colors. I just love looking at it, which is a good thing since a planner is most effective when you look at it often. Of course, hopefully, I’m not too distracted by the colors and I actually look at the content.


But what planner would be complete without colored pens? Ok, planners for most people would be complete, but not for me. 😉


I wasn’t sure what colors I’d want to use, so I just picked up two sets on sale at staples.


I wrote with each color on some white paper to see what the ink looked like.


And I even tried matching the ink to the stickers in the back.

But, ultimately, I came up with 7 key categories/areas of my life that need to be grouped and assigned one color for each group, for example: purple-ish/pink for friends and family, green for Zumba, etc.

I’ve been using my planner for about a week now and will be giving more detailed updates with the organization challenge in September. Stay tuned for details on that soon!

And if you’re ready for a challenge now, you can jump into the August challenge – Project Think Positive. Start with any week, but click here for this week’s challenge – it’s a goodie and I think I’m already seeing good results from it! 🙂


Road Trip Tips

So, on Thursday, Katie and I will embark on an epic road trip to the Healthy Living Summit. We’ll be driving almost 10 hours. Phew! So, we’ll need some good tips for staying sane during this long-long trip.

What are your road trip tips?

I asked this question on Facebook and here are your current suggestions:

  • Music!
  • Podcasts
  • Books on CD/iPod/etc.
  • Healthy snacks

Have one to add?


*Yawn* Getting pretty sleepy here at the Chic house, so I think I’m going to head off to bed. Be sure to leave some feedback or say hello in the comments! 🙂 I love hearing from you guys. Bailey does too.

Reader question #1: Do you use a planner? Do you think they help you stay organized and on top of things?

Reader question #2: What are your road trip tips?

28 thoughts on “A Shiny New Planner & Road Trip Tips”

  1. Right now I use iCal and love that it syncs with my phone but I was browsing Erin’s website since I’m in the market for a paper teacher planner for the upcoming school year and I might be ordering one soon! They are unbelievably cute plus seem super practical.

    For me I always make sure to bring Gravol since I tend to get motion sick on long drives, so that’s my tip!

  2. I used to be in love with my planner in both high school and college. It was my life. I’ve recently tried to keep my life balanced through online planners and calenders, but it just doesn’t do it justice. I need physical to-do lists so I can check things off.

    This is too cute and I’m totally with you on the back to school supplies….do you remember when the Jelly Roll pens were popular?

  3. I absolutely use a planner. I have tried to use online calendars and to-do list apps, but nothing works as well for me as paper. I use a moleskin that has the days on one side (week to view) and on the other side is a side of lined paper. I tend to write my to-dos for the week on one side, then filter them across. Plus I write notes all over it. Absolutely everything is in there!

    When we lived in NZ we used to drive everywhere, including a lot of 9 hour trips north, so we got pretty used to keeping the car stocked with wet wipes, a carrier bag for trash and the mandatory iPod and charger!

  4. I used to get insanely excited about new notebooks, folders and binders in school, I know exactly what you mean! I haven’t used a planner in forever but just seeing yours makes me want to get one. I like keeping my work lists on my computer but, I definitely would like an “old fashioned” approach to my personal/blog stuff so I could carry it around with me at all times 🙂

  5. You are the 2nd person this week I’ve seen use this exact planner! I would love one too – especially with all the dr. appts, activities, hubby’s travels, etc that I need to keep track of!

    I made the drive from Charlotte to Philly last January by myself. It really went pretty quickly! I have always been a huge road tripper though – being from Salt Lake – we’d drive to Vegas, LA, or San Fran all the time! I should have taken Katie my copy of this book when I saw her yesterday: http://www.amazon.com/Bad-Girls-Guide-Open-Road/dp/0811821706 – it’s the Road Trip bible! Have fun ladies!

  6. I still get excited about school supplies! I have been eyeing this planner online too. It is kind of pricey so I have been hesitating. Please do a review once you have been using it for a while!

  7. Oh my gosh! I love the new planner! And the pens! (Can you tell I secretly want to go back to school?) Oh dear. This is giving me ideas. My husband is not going to be happy. Lol. I can’t wait for your organization posts.

    I’m such a nerd!

  8. I use a planner for school… as a special ed teacher I like to keep track of meetings, students I have worked with and things that I need to do. I have been searching for a new one lately and have not been inspired.

  9. This totally makes me want to go buy one. I looked at the website and it does seem kind of pricey. Perhaps I can ask for one for Christmas from the fiancee but I think you’ve motivated me to go find mine buried in the car. Physical ones are still the best to use, in my opinion. 🙂

  10. Oh and I loooove the idea of different colored pens for categories. As someone who can’t keep her head straight ever, I love this idea! 🙂


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