Project Think Positive {Week 3}

Welcome to Week 3 of Project Think Positive. Hope everyone is enjoying the challenge so far.

Week 3 {Daily Positive Affirmation or Thought}

Have you ever tried using a daily positive affirmation or thought? I found a great site here that explains all about affirmations, but here’s a snippet (do click here to read the rest):

“Affirmations are words or phrases which are said over and over to AFFIRM a single thought about yourself or other people. This is the way you have formed negative and positive programming through out your lifetime, saying things to yourself, about yourself, over and over. After thoughts are repeated, they soon become a BELIEF, and then we think this belief is our reality. In this way we form fears of poverty, health, weight and relationships and the emotions connected with these beliefs can even become our comfort zone, no matter how negative they might be.”

The site goes on to explain that you can utilize positive thinking and positive affirmations to change your beliefs for the better.

*This week’s challenge: Choose a daily positive affirmation/thought and repeat throughout the day as needed*

Example 1 (an affirmation from this site): I am powerful.

Example 2 (this is my personal favorite positive thought): Today I will be positive in a way that only brings me success.

And click here for an affirmation for every day of the rest of the year! According to the site, though, the best affirmations are the ones you write for yourself. Write one down now. Use it today when you’re feeling negative.

Words have power. Make yours count.


“Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different.” ~Katherine Mansfield


Reader Question: What’s your affirmation or positive thought for today? Or the week!? Feel free to share multiples to help give other readers ideas for their affirmations.

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