Project Get Organized: Purses

I hope everyone had successful projects with the drawer organization activity.

And for you fashion fanatics – thanks for all the tips on the leopard print shoes! I can’t wait to get some!

Now, for a new organization challenge…this time, we’re tackling the dreaded…



I had some requests for purse organization tips, so I figured I’d start by looking at my purse. Unfortunately, a combination of procrastination, disorganization, and lack of systems has caused my purse to often contain a mish-mash or randomness that is not only irritating, but makes it difficult to find anything when I need it! Grr.

I have to add a side note quickly that I didn’t really think about how embarrassing it would be to post photos of my mess-making-ness on the web for all to see, but it absolutely is. So, it is with some anxiety that I share the following photos from my purse. Yikes. Here we go… 🙁



This past weekend, I took a few minutes to clear out my bag. I started by taking out all the contents and putting them on the floor. Total mess, right? Yes, this photo is a real photo I took of the actual contents of my purse. I had groups of items strewn about in random pockets. But since there are only 2 pockets and 1 big main area, it was pretty much one big pile anyways. Blech.


The primary culprit – paper!

I had all kinds of paper in my purse: coupons, notes, napkins, and mostly receipts. I had receipts everywhere!

Why did I hold on to them? The thought of “what if I need this later?” came into play. Also, “this could be useful one day” and “Oops, I forgot to take this out of my purse.” I found most of the paper items could actually be thrown away.



After getting rid of all the paper, I sorted the rest of my items.

I had:

  • sunglasses
  • gum
  • ear phones
  • charger (half pictured – the cord was in use at the time of the photo…lol)
  • nail file (ladies, have you seen this! It has a case so your stuff doesn’t get messed up!)
  • pen
  • fabric change purse (I made it a couple years ago – it’s seen better days and probably needs to be replaced)
  • 5 lip glosses!
  • business card holder
  • and my favorite wallet – my Louis Vuitton

Create System(s)


To really keep my purse neat, I figured the solution wasn’t going to be just the cleaning. You have to create systems. Remember, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” If something has somewhere to go, you’ll be more likely to keep things in order.

I read recently somewhere (sorry, I don’t remember the source! Maybe Real Simple?) that if your purse doesn’t have a lot of pockets, that you need to have lots of smaller pouches and bags that hold your stuff. This also makes moving to different purses very easy. Seems pretty common sense, right?

I don’t want to purchase any new change purses or mini bags at this time, so I’m going to try to use what I already have and keep my eye out for super-cute pouches that are on super-sale.

For now, this turquoise mini bag is going to be kept in my purse for my papers – my to-do lists and all those silly receipts. The plan is to put papers into this to be sorted when I get home or at a later date/time when I have time. I’ve also vowed to work harder at preventing crap from even entering my purse. If I can keep it out, it will be less to sort through at some later time. I usually am pretty good about not taking a receipt if I don’t need it, but sometimes they just give you one. I’m going to start throwing those away before they get into my purse. The rest will follow the turquoise-bag-system.

I’m also going to keep an eye out for cute mini change purses for some of my other items, because I think it would be great to maybe have one for my charger and ear phones, and also one for my collection of lip glosses.

And the existing fabric change bag will continue to be used. It’s done a good job of holding random things like coins, bobby pins, hair ties, etc. I could probably stand to have a couple smaller pouches to hold some of those items, though. Maybe I’ll sew a new one? Who knows. lol

But, I really think that implementing the small-bag system is going to be the key for me. It will be great to have my like items together in an easy-to-recognize bag. The challenge will be managing my papers, but so far, the system is working great! I just hope to keep it up! 🙂


Hope you guys are enjoying my Fashion Chic posts so far! I’ve been having a lot of fun putting them together! Let me know if you ever have any fashion or food questions – feel free to email me or post on my Facebook wall. My FB wall seems to be the fastest way for me to reply. 🙂

Your homework: Organize your purse – assess, sort, create system(s). What’s in your purse? What is junking it up or giving you issues. How can you create a system to keep things neat and orderly?

Reader question: What are your tips to keeping your purse organized?

14 thoughts on “Project Get Organized: Purses”

  1. I most definitely try to “deep clean” my purse once a week. I will go through and clean it all out and reorganize it. I use the smaller bags system but I actually found a small back with several pockets so I am able to organize it all into that one and carry only 1 small bag instead of several. I think if there is too many small bags its harder because its basically like everything is still thrown in your purse but its not visible so when you start out you have to dig through all the small bags to remember where you put that one thing. But I think the key is to try to clean out your purse everyday when you get home or else it will just get out of hand! I’ve had those moments before when you’re just digging through a mess!

    • I’m rethinking my note about the deep cleaning not being the key thanks to your comment. And I’m thinking you’re right…the solution does include cleaning. Good call!

      I think the mini bag thing may work if the bags are different, so you know the “gold one” (or whatever you have) is for lip glosses, etc. But lots of inside pockets are very helpful, too! 🙂

      Thanks for the tips Samantha!

  2. i am a purse slob. until I can no longer zip it, I must use smaller-ish purses, cause if I use a bigger one, I weigh it down until it causes pinched neck nerves and then I have bigger issues than what I’m carrying with me. It’s like I have a fear of being away from home without something so I always have a tote with my sunglasses (prescription) case, water bottle, snack bar, a brush, hand lotion, and other stuff that doesn’t fit in my purse…..

  3. The insides of my purse look like that as well! I try to clean it out once a week but inevitably it does not happen that often…
    your purse is adorable, by the way. I love the color and style!


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