Gray Leopard {Outfit}

Firstly, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments on the peanut butter post the other day. Those comments were some of the longest and most interesting recently, and I had a great time reading and responding to them. One of the comments even had me editing the post for clarity (thanks Rachael!). Click here to view the post.


I recently ordered this gray leopard blouse (saw it in the store recently, but it’s sold out online) on sale from Even though we were just running errands on Saturday, I decided to take it out for a spin. The material is flowy, but not all that soft. However, overall, I think it’s pretty comfortable, and I like that it’s machine-washable and dryable.


I originally thought to wear this top with a pair of skinny black jeans, but that seemed too safe. My overall style tends to be on the simple/safe side, and though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being simple, I’m currently working on being more a little more experimental every once in awhile. So, I decided to pair the shirt with some khaki shorts. Ooh, I know…so “daring”, but the shorts aren’t something I’d normally wear with this top. Not sure how I feel about the combo yet, but I’ll keep playing.

IMG_8843-1.jpg IMG_8849-1.jpg

By the way, Hubby urged me to do most of my photos sans sunglasses. He said I looked like the terminator with them on. Nice. 😛



Leopard print blouse: Old Navy

Layering tank top: The Limited

Shorts: J Crew

Suede booties: ASOS

Studded belt: J Crew

Bracelets: local boutique


In cooking news, I purchased some gorgeous purple potatoes from the store the other day and decided to turn them into breakfast potatoes this morning to go with an omelet. I tried out a new method for preparing my Stuff-Your-Face Breakfast Potatoes that would use one less pot and would be simpler overall to prepare. It was pretty much a fail and got a little messy, but I somehow managed to salvage the potatoes enough to make them edible. As for the omelet…it was pretty much my first time trying to make a real omelet. I usually just make scrambles. I watched a video on how to make the “perfect” omelet as I was making the omelet (I know, I should have watched it first)…only to get halfway through to learn that I was supposed to broil the omelet in the pan, which wouldn’t work for me since the pan I was using wasn’t oven-safe. Doh! The omelet was a near-fail but ended up being pretty tasty (though not photogenic). Ahh…kitchen fun on a Sunday. Hopefully, some of you have omelet-making tips for me that I can use next time. 😉

Reader question #1: Do you wear shorts with blouses?

Reader question #2: Have you had any recent kitchen failures you want to share?

Reader question #3: What are your tips for making the perfect omelet?

6 thoughts on “Gray Leopard {Outfit}”

  1. I tried making homemade apple chips and they are not only way too hard to eat but the maple syrup/cinnamon coating tastes gross. Two hours of powering the oven to make them and are they are inedible.

  2. I love your ankle boots! Have you ever had a problem with ASOS delivering to your house? I’ve read so many people complain how they never get their package, even after three weeks.

    I’ve worn shorts with a tank top and a blouse over it. I love how casual it feels wearing it.

  3. #1 i love your blouse- animal prints are a must have this season- see so much snake print at the moment in all the magazines (lots of research required when you work in fashion!!) I think blouses and shorts go great together. I like oversized blouses and nice jewelry with simple shorts. cant go wrong!
    # 2 i made hempseed energy balls in the middle of the night and they would not blend properly with the other stuff i added (shitty blender) so i was silly enough to add some water and it made them texture of the balls really mushy. after having put them in the fridge overnight they hardened up and look ok but have this sticky consistency. I might have to roll them in cinnamon or maca powder. arrrr
    #3 add a splash of soya milk before its done to make eggs smooth and a bit more creamy tasting.

    check-check-check.. all questions answered 🙂 thanks for doing fashion posts! i really enjoy reading them!

  4. I always add olive oil to the skillet so it wont stick and cook it on medium high heat. When it starts to firm I kinda lift the side and tilt it so whatever part is still runny goes under and gets cooked too. Then I add whatever I’m filling it with, fold it over to one side and let it cook a min then flip to the other side and BOOM omelet is complete! IDK if any of that made sense to you lol but they always come out tasty!


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