Our Christmas

Brie. Baguette. Vino.

That was my Facebook update after I finished my last (crazy-stressful-busy) work day of 2011. Phew! It’s also what I was enjoying immediately after shutting down my work laptop.

After enjoying one Christmas with my family and one with hubby’s, hubby and I celebrated our Christmas tonight.


I experimented with a new risotto recipe that I’m hoping to share with you guys soon. It was inspired by a visit to Olive Garden a couple years ago where I ordered the shrimp and asparagus risotto. I enjoyed the mindless stirring after staring at 6 databases and roughly 25 excel spreadsheets all day during work. lol


Hubby decided that since I was in charge of dinner, he’d be in charge of dessert.


He brought home two caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate, and we dug into the pecan-chocolate one tonight.


And tonight’s Riesling tasted extra-delicious in the new wine glasses my MIL gave us for Christmas. I’ve been wanting stemless wine glasses for years, and I’m really excited to serve wine to guests using them!


I’m feeling very blessed to have enjoyed three beautiful Christmases this year. I hope your holidays were lovely, too.

What was your favorite Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday gift and/or memory from this year?

3 thoughts on “Our Christmas”

  1. i have too many wonderful memories from christmas this year to choose just one. i got to meet my cousin’s baby for the first time, spent time with my sister who was home from california, saw friends, and had lots of fun playing with puppies!

    my favorite present is a no-brainer though. my husband got me a dslr for a christmas/birthday present and i am obsessed with it! 🙂 it helps that my mom got me some wonderful presents to go with it too (a tripod + adobe lightroom). needless to say, i was beyond spoiled this year!

  2. By far my favorite moments were giving each of my nieces a gift that I felt was special to them and the fact that none of them cared weather they were recycled trash (literally I found a dresser in the trash and rehabbed it for my niece – all new paint and drawer pulls and it was exactly what her 9 year old heart desired), or a crazy sale item (found a crystal belly button ring shaped like a guitar for my 18 year old niece who is engaged to a guitarist -$1 at Claire’s) or an expensive tablet (bought my 15 year old artist niece a 7″ droid tablet for her to sketch on so she could keep her sketches) and they all were happy for each other but liked their own gift best!


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