Homegrown & French Broad Chocolate

Dad asked me to find the impossible – somewhere for dinner that was cheap, had good service, had great food, and wasn’t too far away. I really wanted to check out one of the Facebook recommendations, but they were all a little too expensive, unfortunately.

I did manage to find the chupacabra – a local restaurant with delicious food for a low price tag.


For dinner, we visited Homegrown.


Homegrown features a new menu every night. They keep costs down by using ingredients from local farmers.


I think they also save a bit of money by not having full on waiters – you order at the counter…


…plus the decorations are quite simple. I thought the place was cute, and I didn’t mind not having a waitress waiting on me the whole time. I just wanted good food for a low price tag.


After ordering, you get a seed packet with a number so they can deliver your food later.

AshevilleDay3-0368.jpg AshevilleDay3-0375.jpg

Hubby had the Philly cheesesteak (which had much thicker meat than traditional Philly cheesesteaks) and dad had the trout with beets and mashed potatoes.


I ended up ordering the buttermilk fried chicken breast with beets and sesame greens. I was really excited that the chicken was actually boneless/skinless with a mushroom gravy. If you’re a die-hard traditional fried chicken fan, you may want to skip this. Personally, I don’t love chicken skin, so with this dish, I was able to enjoy the crispy goodness of the fried chicken breading. Yum!

Homegrown was fantastic. It was a little north of downtown Asheville (only a few minutes), but worth the drive. Definitely check out Homegrown if you’re in town. They have super low price tags (most entrees were around $10-11) and great people working there.


After dinner, we headed back to downtown to check out a place another friend, Gina, recommended – French Broad Chocolate Lounge.


Even though it was Tuesday at 10pm, there was still a line. We were a couple out from the door when we started, but the line moved slowly. I’d read on Yelp.com that the food was worth the wait, so I used the time to select my choices.


I ordered the quintessential chocolate cake…


…and a lavendar-honey hot chocolate. I felt like I should order the organic milk with the chocolate cake, but I really wanted to try the hot chocolate and wanted to try to hit all of my must-tries.


I read a lot about the liquid truffles, but my family wanted to take dessert to go, and I figured the liquid truffles would be better if we were staying there.


We also tried a couple “perfect” chocolate chip cookies, which were good, but would be in tough competition with my dough balls. ;)3


My friend Gina highly recommended the chocolate creme brulee, but those didn’t seem like they’d be as good to-go.



We left with a brownie, a pecan tart, a couple perfect chocolate chip cookies….


…a lavendar-honey hot chocolate (yum!)…


…and that chocolate cake! Wow – delicious chocolate sweets, and yes….worth the wait.

We loved the great local eats! Yum-yum!

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  1. Diana, it looks like you and your family are having a great time in Asheville! My brother and nieces live in Asheville, and I love visiting – to see them, of course :-), but also because it’s such a pretty town with really friendly people, I love the mountains that surround it, and there are some seriously amazing restaurants. And, they are not expensive. If you want any more suggestions, let me know. Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Michele! We had a great time!

      We’ve already left Asheville, but I’d love to hear your recommendations for the next time we visit. Please share! 🙂


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