After my Zumbatomic training, I went home, baked up a double-batch of dough balls (that I prepped the night before), got ready, and headed out to meet up with some friends for a casual dinner…old-school-style.


{Jason with Carson, hubby, Matt with Liam, and Nate}


{Caitlin, me, Kate, and Kath}

We haven’t been able to get together with our whole group together since Kath moved, so we were really excited to see everyone…


…plus a couple adorable, new additions.


Nate was our grill-master.


{The spread}

We did a traditional pot-luck and had quite the spread.


{Chardonnay for moi}


I had a little bit of everything – salad, quinoa salad, grilled veggies, and a cheese burger. Everything was delicious as always!


{Liam & Kath}


For dessert, I brought sugar cookie dough balls (click for recipe) (sans the drizzle frosting), and Kath & Matt brought lots of Great Harvest goodness – muffins, scuffins, and Savannah bars.


A little bit of everything – watermelon, a dough ball, plus some Savannah bar.


I definitely picked up a couple more pieces of Savannah bar over the night – they were so good!

It’s funny how you can go for a long time without seeing your friends and when you see them next, it’s like time never passed. We had so much fun catching up with everyone’s recent life changes – from family additions to work. We’re definitely going to have to do this again soon!

Reader question: What’s your favorite thing to bring to a pot-luck?

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  1. I like to bring soup, is that a weird thing to bring? People always look at me funny when I say I’ll make soup – but it’s always gone at the end. And it’s the only thing I make good


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