Bebe Shower + Impromptu Weeding

As if Saturday wasn’t fun-filled enough already…


…we got a surprise on Sunday that Bailey was really excited about – an impromptu visit by my parents to help us with our house, namely the yard.


But first, I headed out for Caitlin’s bebe shower.


Caitlin’s shower was at FABO, which was a gorgeous venue – so colorful!


The shower was put together so well – from the cool straws to the great refreshments. I really liked the game they played where Caitlin had to pull random baby-items from a bag and guess what they’re used for. I had fun guessing what they were used for, too, since I hadn’t seen most of the objects before. Hey, maybe if I attend enough baby showers, I won’t be quite so baby-clueless.


And do you see that hat on Caitlin’s head? Her mom made that baby-shower-themed-hat for her! I talked to her about how she made it, and she was so proud of her creation. It was really sweet and a fun touch to the shower.


After the shower, I headed back to the Chic house to help out in the yard. We pulled weeds and did basic clean-up. You know…stuff most people know but our house-clueless selves need guidance doing.


I treated my parents to dinner to thank them for their help. We went to Mama Ricotta’s.


The rolls were hard to resist. I definitely had a couple, dipped into their red pepper olive oil.


And for eats, we got 2 family-style entrees – this penne with chicken, broccoli and a lemon cream sauce. It came out piping hot with al dente penne. It was mouth-wateringly good (as in, my mouth is watering thinking about it while I blog…yum!).


The family favorite was angel hair with meatballs, which i really enjoyed, too.


My parents really loved the meal, which made me happy. It was the least I could do before they had to head back home for the night.

Reader question: What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?

9 thoughts on “Bebe Shower + Impromptu Weeding”

    • We usually do a garden every year, but this year, we decided to move to a new location. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the new garden built yet, so we may not have one this year! 🙁 What veggies are you planting?

  1. Hi Diana – Just letting you know that I have done a link back to you today re Chic Energy Bites. I am loving your blog, very inspiring. I’m in Australia and we are entering cooler weather so to keep inspired to be active and healthy, I love checking out blogs from north of the equator. If you have any concerns re my link back, don’t hesitate to contact me. xx Fi

    • Yes, that pasta is really from Mama Ricotta’s. Love that place! Have you been?

      As for the tea, Organic India is the brand I usually buy. They sell it at Earthfare, which is where I found out about tulsi tea since they had a sample of it in the store one day. 🙂


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