Pin Love {05.23.2012}

I’m an analytical person. Most of my long time readers probably already know this. But if you’re new…I’m sort of a geek. One of my favorite things to review with my blog is my stats. I think it’s so interesting to see what brings people to The Chic Life, where they come from, and what posts are most popular.

Another thing I like to check out is what TCL photos have been pinned on Pinterest. It’s always such a huge compliment when someone pins one of my photos, and I’m often surprised by the sweet comments paired with the photos.

I thought it would be fun to share some TCL pins I’ve recently discovered and share the links to the pinners’ home Pinterest pages.

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 7.44.37 AM.png

Sneaky Mashed Potatoes – {Click here to check out Tildy Bug’s Pinterest page}

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 7.45.27 AM.png

Balsamic Roasted Chick Peas – {Click here to check out Allison Burns’ Pinterest page}

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 7.46.26 AM.png

Another pin of the chick peas – {Click here to check out Jamie Sickles’ Pinterest page}

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 7.45.05 AM.png

Cheerful Cherry Chic Energy Bites – {Click here to check out Erika Winton’s Pinterest page}

Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 7.48.05 AM.png

Green Monster Muffins – {Click here to check out Dayna Noffke’s Pinterest page}

Screen shot 2012-05-23 at 10.40.05 PM.png

And another cute comment on the muffins – {Click here to check out Joy Eccies-Rempel’s Pinterest page}

Thank you Tildy, Allison, Jamie, Erika, Dayna, and Joy! Thank you also to everyone who has ever pinned a TCL photo. I appreciate it more than you know!

Have a great week!

PS: You can check out my Pinterest page here!

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