Tacos & Pitas {Eating My Way Home}

As I wrapped up my work day, I wondered what I’d get to eat on my way home. My teammates took a break at the food court, and though I sat with them, I had to get a deliverable complete before I headed home. So, I skipped the break and pounded out a doc instead.

After bidding adieu to my co-workers, I headed towards Buckhead. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get exactly, but I knew there were some good options there. I considered going back to Cafe Sunflower to try out some of their special entrees, but I just couldn’t get the Asian taco restaurant, which my cousin actually tried to take me to on Sunday night out, of my head.


Taqueria Tsunami it was! I was glad my cousin had driven me here before because the restaurant seemed to be a bit hard to find from the road.


The inside was open and modern. I actually felt pretty comfortable eating here alone, and I’m not a fan of solo dining.

I did a quick search on Yelp to see what was popular. Many people recommended the Pacific Rim tacos, as well as, the combo (2 tacos and a side).


I ended up getting both – the combo, the Pacific Rim tacos, and something else. I asked my waitress for recommendations, and she suggested the Thai taco.


The Pacific Rim tacos were made with mahi mahi, shredded lettuce, and a light sauce. They were really good, though, maybe not the best choice for a date since they’re a little messy.


But, the Thai taco stole the show for me. They were spicy, sweet, savory, and simply delicious all in one little package. In addition to the flavor, I also really enjoyed the variety of textures – from the tender chicken to the crunchy veggies and smooth sauce.

I could eat these tacos at least once a week. Too bad this place is so far away!


{Order me!}


Just look at that tortilla – soft with a crisped outside.

Lunch was a total win. I spent almost the same amount of money ($8 for the combo!) and time at Taqueria Tsunami as I did in the food court for a pre-made sandwich!

I can see why my cousin likes Taqueria Tsunami so much – I’d definitely like to come back here one day!


And I had one more pit stop before heading home – to Cafe Sunflower to pick up cake to go for my sister and hubby. After a quick pick up, I hit the road headed north.


I stopped by my parents’ house on the way home so I could check my email before the end of the work day. Dad and I decided to get dinner at one of our favorite places in town – Pita House!


We ordered the special, so we got a free drink. I definitely recommend their homemade lemonade – sweet and tart and so right.


Dad and I shared a couple plates.


I’m always impressed with Pita House because they pretty much make everything from scratch. I mean, I think they even pickle their own vegetables!


And dad and I enjoyed some baklava over talks of the future before I had to hit the road again.


Hubby was excited to see the cake, and I was happy to help him finish the slice with a couple glasses of cold milk.

Phew! Not only was my work trip a success, but I had fun seeing my cousin, hanging with family, shopping, and enjoying so many delicious eats!

Does anyone else out there travel for work? How do you make the most of your work travel trips?

6 thoughts on “Tacos & Pitas {Eating My Way Home}”

  1. Those tacos look really good, but that chocolate cake looks sublime! I am trying to avoid sugar in my diet at the moment, but I guess looking and imagining the taste can’t hurt 😉

    I don’t get to travel for work, but I would love to! It would be a great excuse to eat out more often and I love staying in hotels.

      • I just love the lack of distraction, the different view from the window, the clear surfaces, the ability to walk downstairs and work in the bar, easily being able to check out a new city or area of a city. It’s about the only place I can easily find where I can go to have zero distractions 🙂

  2. Next time in Atlanta, you should check out the food truck park. Yumbii is often there, and they sell Asian tacos. Sooo good, especially with their sesame fries. I have to stop myself from going every week! There are a lot of other great trucks there – ones that sell more gourmet food, a cupcake truck and even a chicken and waffles truck…


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