Annual Lake Trip

I just got back from 4 wonderful days off the grid at Lake Lure. I had no internet, email, or cell phone signal. Instead, I had fresh air, books, and board games. It was lovely.


And you won’t see any fashion photos from this trip. I spent most of the time in t-shirts and pajama pants. Ahh…









We rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours on Sunday. We even took Bailey with us (with our friend’s dog-lifejacket).


I learned that I forgot how to play solitaire. After many failed attempts, I think I finally remembered. Or, I made up a new game.


We stocked up on Great Harvest goodies for the trip – Virginia rolls…


…and cinnachip bread (plus peanut butter).


My husband’s mom whipped up most of the meals, like today’s breakfast. We contributed a watermelon, purchased at a road-side stand near the lake house.


We also made my Slow Cooker 3 Bean Chili sans meat for our vegetarian family. We served it Cincinnati-style (as introduced to me by my friend Erica) over spaghetti.


Our best contribution, though, had nothing to do with food. We brought a game I recently discovered at a friend’s going away party – Sequence. We played this game over and over and over again. We weren’t very good at it, but we had fun either way.

Reader question: Do you think you’d enjoy a vacation without the internet or your cell phone?

8 thoughts on “Annual Lake Trip”

  1. Looks like a fun time! I’ll admit it I am attached to my phone and the internet 🙂 When we went to Europe for our honeymoon, it was hard getting around because I’m so used to using google maps to find places and suggestions.

  2. Your 4 day vacation sounds very relaxing!

    My husband and I went to his home country last year and I was without internet + phone for two weeks. It was weird at first, but by the end of our trip I felt so free. Sadly, it didn’t take very long for me to get re-attached. Ha.

  3. Absolutely I would! When I started reading your post I thought the idea of four days away from all that connection sounded fantastic…. I’ve routinely try to cut back, such as no internet after 8pm. My new one is facebook once a week max.

    Great photos as always – especially that last capture!

  4. We just returned from an off the grid cottage too and played Sequence while we were there!! I love it having to technology, it is a great opportunity to have conversations without distractions.

  5. I LOVE Lake Lure. Kevin and I went camping just north of there back in May. So beautiful and I loved not having my cell, computer, or any kind of technology.

    Your vacay looks very relaxing and like a ton of fun. Isn’t Sequence great? It has a semi-permanent location right now on our dining room table. On the nights that we are both home for dinner, we play a round or two while enjoying dinner. So fun!


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