Local Finds, No-Cook Superbowl Snacks, & Erin Condren Gift Boxes

Hi everyone! I have some exciting projects in the works, and I can’t wait to reveal more! Until then, here are some photos of things that have happened around TCL lately…


I got more local goodies this past weekend at Atherton Mills farmers market. These locally roasted almonds by Chosen Roaster have become a TCL snack staple. I’ve been getting one bag a week. The flavor is so much better than the bulk bin variety, and you guys know I love my bulk bins. I got more soap from Whispering Willow, this time the Lavendar Shea option. And, I picked up a beautiful bunch of organic collards, only $2.50 via Coldwater Creek Farms.


While we were at the market, we swung by Savory Spice Shop to order a gift for family. We left with a free sample of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning attached to a recipe card.


So, we made the recipe that night. I did reconfigure the recipe so it only made two burgers. And in lieu of the avocado topping suggested on the recipe card, I just added mashed avocado. Baked french fries were one side, along with the collards we had purchased earlier, which I simply braised. It was a nice change up from the usual cheeseburger we typically have. I’m thinking the Homestead seasoning would be a real winner mixed in a different style of hamburger. Maybe next time?


As for Super Dance Bowl, we were pretty hungry and mowed right through all the food as it was being put out. Literally, things started disappearing as soon as they were served. I didn’t really take many photos, but I did want to share some of this cool local find – Tavern Cheese Spread, made just south in SC. I got the original blend, which had a basic cheese flavor (they offer others) with a slight kick of cayenne pepper.


I spread these on crackers as an appetizer/snack.


I decided for another (almost) no-cook option to simply warm up (pan-sear) some chicken spinach feta sausages, which I served sliced into circles. It felt a little weird not whipping up some fancy dish since my friends think of me as one of their resident foodies. But, it was also a relief to not put so much pressure on myself and just enjoy the company and the eats everyone else brought (yea we went potluck style).


There were so many delicious eats, I quickly filled up on all the great things my friends brought over. But, I did manage to snap a quick photo of Erica’s famous chili, served over spaghetti with cheese and onions. Yum!

We watched all of the halftime show and about 10 minutes of the game. I don’t really remember paying attention to any of the commercials, which made the water cooler chats at the office this week slightly less fun. Oops. We may not have celebrated the Superbowl very much, but we did have a great time!


Oh, and I have to share this semi-random photo of some gift boxes. I recently ordered this gift box set from Erin Condren, and it totally saved my a$$ this weekend when I went to wrap hubby’s birthday presents. I thought we had a whole bunch of gift wrap, but as it turns out…we don’t have any! Luckily, the set of gift boxes I ordered from Erin Condren back in December literally had everything I needed in one box. The gift boxes are printed in some of Erin’s famous prints, so the boxes don’t require any gift wrap! They are pretty all on their own. You just put the boxes together, tuck in your gift with some (included) tissue paper, and add a bow on top. Life saver! Psst – it’s half off right now if you want to get a box! Click here to go straight to the product description of the Erin Condren gift box briefcase (with more details and a video!).


Other Updates:

For other updates, I had my first post Start-up Weekend meeting with team Plate Share. We have a lot of work ahead, but I’m excited to see where we can take things.

I’m also working on my other web site idea to help animal rescue groups. I really want to jump into screen designs, but I’m reminding myself to take my time and do some market validation first. Thank you to everyone who suggested rescue groups to contact on The Chic Life’s Facebook wall. I’m gathering my info, but I hope to reach out to them soon! (If you know of any other rescue groups or middle men fundraising groups, feel free to send them my way or have them email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com)

Speaking of Facebook, click on over to see a hilarious note I heard about on TV – I found it and shared it on my wall. Too funny!

Charlotte friends – details are out for the farewell party for Pewter Rose. Email them at FarewellPewterRose@gmail.com for an invite.

Lastly, remember you can get free The Chic Life updates by clicking here!


Reader question: Do you like to wrap your gifts or do you prefer gift bags?

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