Cheese Night Epic Potluck

Raise your hand if you didn’t let Eat in Month keep you from hanging out with friends. Me either! Potlucks were my go-to for January. Actually, I guess potlucks are sort of my entertaining go-to, in general. I just love the collaborative spirit of the potlucks and enjoying all the delicious creations my friends make and bring.

I’m still playing catch up from Start-up Weekend, so this post is a bit delayed, but better late than never, right?


This potluck started with Jenn’s suggestion to have a cheese night.


So, of course, we had to have lots of cheese.


I decided to make my mom’s pork adobo for my contribution. (Recipe will be shared on the blog)


Jen brought delicious, savory scones.


Erin made the most amazing kale apple salad.


Britney made comforting pumpkin mac and cheese.


Michelle brought a tasty potato salad.


Kseniya brought the coolest pot luck concoction I’ve ever seen – Russian dumplings. Not only did she bring the dumplings, but she brought an assortment of sauces, condiments, and spices to go with it. It was an interactive pot luck dish!



I sampled a little bit of everything, including a slice of the bread Dion brought – locally baked Duke’s black and tan bread with lots of sesame seeds.


For the dumplings, I took Kseniya’s advice and made them with traditional toppings – butter and sour cream…plus some green onions (but there were lots of other options).



I also made a simple dessert – apple cranberry crisp, a recipe from a co-worker.


I’d like to tweak the recipe some more, but when I get it right, I’ll definitely share it here on the blog!


The other star of the show was a Dion creation – a fish bowl full of the biggest jello shot I’ve ever seen.


It was like edible art! Fun, yummy, and a hit with the girls.

All the eats were super good. My friends (from this potluck and others) are such good cooks! Maybe that’s why I like the potlucks so much? In fact, I have another one lined up for tonight. It’s time for another Super Dance-Bowl!

Reader question: Are you watching the Superbowl tonight? If yes, who are you cheering for? If no, are you doing something else fun like a Super Dance-Bowl?

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