Breakfast at Louisa’s Porch B&B and Dobra Tea {Asheville, NC}

After the previous day’s breakfast, I was really looking forward to more breakfast eats at Louisa’s Porch B&B.



We started with another yummy fruit bowl.


And breakfast was a fabulous party on a plate with lots of different components – French scrambled eggs, breakfast salad with blueberry vinaigrette, bacon, roasted root vegetables, and cheesy grits. Can you say yum?


Laurel did a great job whipping up some great breakfast fare. Again, I tried to stuff my face as much as possible, but I just couldn’t quite finish the whole plate. I did my best.


After breakfast, hubby and I packed up.


Since the weather was looking nice outside, I thought I’d take one more stroll into town to get a little something-something to go.





Yup – Dobra Tea…again. What can I say, I love it, and I don’t think we have anything like it back in Charlotte. I gotta get it while the getting’s good!


I ordered a drink to-go and decided to bring home some more tea to try to create another Dobra fave – the tulsi chai.






For my drink, I enjoyed a Forrest Dragon on the way home. My sister got this the last time we were on vacay here, and I remembered how delicious it was. The iced matcha bubble tea may be my new fave, though. Hmm…?


The ride home was beautiful. I love seeing the far off mountains and blue hills. Gorgeous!


Charlotte readers – the Green Jeans 3-day consignment sale starts tomorrow. Are you excited? They let me in while they were setting up on Tuesday, and I have some photos to share of some goodies for sale. I’ll have a couple posts to share shortly. The charity pre-sale was actually tonight, so I think I’ve already done my shopping for the weekend. Who’s going?!


Thanks for reading!

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