Mas Shopping, Mobile Clothing Boutique, and Weekend Eats

The weekend shopping continued on Sunday, but this time, we shopped for furniture.


Hubby found a cute new store with vintage-inspired furniture. We saw several things we liked and took measurements to see if things would fit in our house. I definitely prefer to think about large ticket purchases, so we’ll give them some time before we commit.


We grabbed Pio Pio for lunch. They have really tender, delicious, rotisserie style chicken among other delicious eats.


Just outside, I noticed a truck with the words “mobile clothing boutique.” You know this shopaholic had to check it out.


Inside was a for-real-boutique complete with shopping racks, clothes, and accessories.


Sunday was the kick off for Motor Couture, a spin-off from Jordanos, which is a local boutique here in Charlotte.


Not only does Motor Couture have a fun concept and a nice selection of clothes, they also have big plans to turn the idea into something to help the community. They’ll be donating a portion of sales to their non-profit “Project Reover”, and they have other ideas to get gently worn clothes into the hands of kids in need.


{the dressing room}


Here’s Karen who is the brains behind this operation. I loved chatting with her about her ideas for helping the community.



We kept dinner simple – mom’s pork chops, rice, and steamed broccolini.


This is always a hit in our house, and it’s so easy and affordable, too.


Next up here on The Chic Life – get your mixing bowls ready because you’re going to want to make these easy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! I’ve been working on this recipe over several batches, and it’s finally ready to share!

Have a great weekend!

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