Own Your Strength Shirt Options

I’m very motivated by positive words and sayings, and I like to surround myself with them. That’s part of the reason I really wanted to open a t-shirt shop. I don’t always see the designs I want out there, so I figured…why not make them? I have a notebook of motivational sayings that I often go to, and I’m working on bringing them to life in t-shirts and tank tops for my Spreadshirt Shop. I stayed up till midnight looking up fonts and playing with designs last night for one of my favorite sayings. Here are the Own Your Strength shirt options I came up with:

Own Your Strength Shirt Options

{Taking a break from my Outer Banks posts to share these – hot off the press!}

The Own Your Strength message comes from a sign I made for a 4-miler I went to a few years ago as a spectator. The saying has become very meaningful to me in the years since then. Strength is something I’m focusing on in my workouts (and life) currently. I don’t intend to become a body builder or anything like that, but I do want to work towards becoming stronger. I would love to have a shirt with this saying on it to use as motivation during my workouts and for life, in general. I also hope the message may resonate with people who see me wearing it as a reminder that we’re all stronger than we often know, literally and figuratively. Let’s own it!

Which Own Your Strength shirt option do you like most?

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