Trisha Yearwood’s Zumba Success

Trisha Yearwood' s Zumba Success

I love hearing about Zumba success stories, and though I’m a little late to the news, I thought you would enjoy this story. Though I knew Trisha Yearwood enjoyed doing Zumba (she mentioned it on her cooking show), I didn’t realize how much she credited it with her recent weight loss success. That is, until blogger Michelle tweeted a link yesterday to her blog post about it, including an interview of Trisha from the Wendy Williams show. The video (below) is from 2013, but I still enjoyed watching it. And, if you can’t view videos wherever you are at the moment, check out Michelle’s post for a great written recap.

In the video, Trisha discusses her challenges:

Trisha: “Trying to be more consistent, because I know what to eat, but eating it every day consistently is hard. And, finding exercise that I loved…I always exercised, but I never looked forward to it, and now I really do.”

Wendy: “What’s your choice? What do you love?”

Trisha: “Zumba!”

Trisha goes on to talk about how this is the first time she’s been size 10 since the fifth grade! Get it, Trisha! Check out the before-and-after photo in the video.

I also found this great article on with more information about Trisha and her weight loss experience. I really love her balanced approach to healthy living, and I could relate to a lot of the things she said. I like to try to strike a similar balance with healthy eats and indulgent treats. In this article, she says:

“We got on the plane, the sweats were on, and I had an In-N-Out burger with fries and two dark chocolate Reese’s cups!” she says. In years past, she adds, “if I did that, I would have said, ‘You just screwed up, so might as well go out and have 20 cheeseburgers,’ and I would. [This time] I got on my treadmill the next day, I ate well and I didn’t do any damage. That’s what real people do.”

Check out the article for Trisha’s weight loss tips.

I have to admit, I’m not much of a country fan, so I wasn’t very familiar with Trisha Yearwood until I watched her show. Since her cooking show started on Food TV, I’ve been catching some of the episodes on the weekends. Trisha’s recipes always look really tasty, but I especially like how fun she seems as a person. They have the best time on that show! I totally want to check out more of her music now.

Trisha, you may convert me to a country fan! If you’re ever in Charlotte, come Zumba with me! 😉


Zumba 101

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Reader question: Any Trisha fans out there? What’s your favorite Trisha Yearwood song?

PS Trisha has a new album releasing tomorrow! It’s called Prizefighter. Can’t wait to check it out!

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  1. Trisha has so many great songs it is hard to pick. But if I had to pick just one it would be In Another’s Eyes with Garth. I love her to pieces.


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