Eat in Month Challenge 2016

The Eat in Month Challenge 2016 is here!

What is the Eat in Month Challenge 2015?

The Eat in Month Challenge is a challenge I have hosted for the last SIX years here on The Chic Life. The goal of the challenge is to eat in *more*. This helps you kick off your new year saving more money and eating healthier food.

I normally eat the entire month in with only one cheat meal. But, due to some upcoming changes (announcement coming soon – stay tuned), I may be cheating a lot more this time around. But hey, that’s sort of how this challenge works. Remember the goal (above). I encourage everyone to tweak the challenge to best fit their life. The Eat in Month Challenge should push you while not being impossible or unreasonable.

You can read the full rules of the challenge on the Eat in Month Challenge page by clicking here.

When Does It Happen?

The challenge lasts for the whole month of January – from the 1st to the 31st. But, you’re welcome to join late or even do the challenge later in the year. It’s fun to do it now, though, to see what others are posting on twitter, Instagram, etc.

The Badge

Here’s the Eat in Month Challenge 2016 badge – feel free to copy the code below to use this badge on your site or blog:

Eat in Month Challenge 2016 | The Chic Life

Copy this code to add the challenge banner to your site/blog:

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How to Sign Up

Are you playing along in the Eat in Month Challenge 2015?

Comment / Blog List

If so, leave me a comment, whether you’re playing for the whole month, a couple weeks, a single week, a couple days, etc. Add the URL to your blog, Instagram, or twitter, and I’ll link (just the first URL you post) you up, too, so others can see if you post about the challenge. I’ll also try to get your name on the list here if you join the Facebook event. Woohoo!

  • Me & hubby – month
  • You – a week? the whole month?

Remember, you can join any time by simply commenting below or joining the Facebook event. Check the Eat in Month Challenge page for tips, useful links, and more details.

Facebook Event

I created a Facebook event where I’m planning to share more tips throughout the month. Facebook wouldn’t let me make an event longer than two weeks, so I selected the last day of the challenge so it wouldn’t get filtered to past events, which I think are harder to see.

Get Faster Updates

I tend to post more meal photos on Instagram, but I share them on Facebook and twitter. So if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can check out my Facebook page to see the photos there, too. I also will be sharing content on twitter. Look for the #eatinmonth hashtag to see what others are posting, too!


Who’s ready to get started?!

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