If You Don’t Go After What You Want

Happy Labor Day for those celebrating. I’m always curious about the actual meanings of holidays. So many are spent with cook-outs, beach days, and other fun parties. And yet so many have such stark beginnings. Today I googled about the meaning of Labor Day. I was surprised to learn how it got started but also thankful to those who decided to make a stand for fair work conditions and pay.

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If You Don't Go After What You Want

One of the best things about living in the US is the ability to go for your dreams. I’ve thought more about this from my trips to and from NYC. I love talking to my Uber and taxi drivers to/from the airport to learn about who they are and where they’re from. They’re from all over, from Libya to Bangladesh. They’re never just Uber drivers. Some work two or three jobs and are also going to school in pursuit of their dreams. One said he wanted to open their own construction company. Another, his own dental practice. Talk about hustlers. I like to think they’ll all make it one day. They’re certainly all quite excited about the opportunities they have in the US. They say they feel like they have a real shot here. It’s very inspirational. 

The thing about going after your dreams is that you actually have to go after them. And those guys certainly are.

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. ~ Nora Roberts

I love this quote because it’s so true. Actually going for what you want can be the easiest and yet hardest thing you do. You have to push past the fear, be willing to fail, and be okay with looking silly. Ask the tough questions, put in the time, and just go for it! 

What is one thing you can do today that will get your closer to your dreams?

Freedom Journal – 100 Days to Your #1 Goal

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