• You Are You, Not What You Do

    Having an identify crisis? Maybe you lost your job, got injured, or had an unexpected life changes. This is a reminder that the things you do don't make you. You're always you no matter where you are in life. Own your strength - you got this! #quotes #self #inspiration #strongwomen #motivation #selflove

    An Identity Crisis A couple years ago, I had an identity crisis. I’d been teaching Zumba for a few months when I had an injury. It wasn’t a huge injury, but it kept me from teaching classes for a couple months. I went from spending over half of my weeknights after work in Zumba class […]


  • Falling Down Is an Accident

    Falling Down Is an Accident. Staying Down Is a Choice.

    For today’s Motivation Monday, I want to remind you that we have choices in life. Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice. Life is not about never falling. That is inevitable. But what you *can* choose is your reaction to the fall. Do you let a fall harden you and affirm your […]