Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

We will all fall now and again. The important thing is to get back up.

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Fall seven times, stand up eight

~Japanese Proverb

I’ve been going skating a lot recently. For a great leg workout and because being on the ice makes me so happy. For those new to my blog, I did figure skating pretty seriously for almost ten years. As a skater, you know that to learn something new, whether it’s a spin, jump, or other move, you will fall. It’s pretty much a guarantee. Not only will you fall. You’ll fall over and over and over again before you ever get it right. I think I worked on my axel for at least six months before the first time I successfully landed it. As you can imagine, figure skaters are pretty determined people.

I’m so lucky I had skating in my life for so long. It taught me that you can do almost anything you want if you’re willing to fail and keep at it until you get it right. But, I think falling is normal in everyday life, in addition to figure skating life. You just have to remember to learn from the fall, adjust when needed, and maybe get some help with your technique. Whatever you do, remember the most important part – to stand back up.

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