When You Are Grateful…

Thanksgiving may be behind us, but it’s always the right time to be grateful.

When You Are Grateful...

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears ~Anthony Robbins

When you’re not grateful, you can find yourself living in scarcity. Or at least feeling like you are living in scarcity. This can often lead to fear.¬†Fear that you don’t have enough clothes or friends or whatever. Fear that you’re inadequate in some way. It’s a slippery slope as you can quickly spiral into feeling like absolute crap about yourself.

I’ve been feeling inadequate lately. Like I’m not doing enough in a few different areas of my life. So, I turned on You’re a Badass, which I consider my pocket cheerleader (via my iPhone Audible app). I hadn’t listened to it in awhile, but guess what chapter started up? The one on gratitude. The quote shared in this post was at the start of the chapter. It was just what I needed to see, and I thought you may like to see it too.

I’ve been meaning to make a list of things I’m grateful for. But Jen had a good exercise in the book. Just acknowledge and be grateful for the many things, big and small, that happen throughout the day. I was able to put this into practice immediately. Not that there’s anything wrong with a list, but it just hasn’t been happening. The same approach could be helpful for you to get into a grateful state of mind if you have a busy home life. Not to mention, this strategy can help you be thankful throughout the day as you go on a bit of a good-things treasure hunt. And finding something awesome in your life is way better than treasure.

Anywho, why not spend a little time each day (or throughout the day) focusing on gratitude? Being grateful not only helps give attention to the wonderful things already going on in your life. It also helps attract more awesomeness to you.

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