Change Your World

If your part of the world participated in it, how did you feel about the time change? Many people around me were complaining about it. And old me totally got it. You lose an hour of your day! And that’s a long time. 

But new me was looking forward to the time change for weeks. I couldn’t wait! Why?

Change Your World

Because…sunshine! I couldn’t wait to have more light in my day. Instead of leaving work in the dark, I knew I’d be leaving with bright blue skies (if it wasn’t raining of course) and plenty of natural sunlight. Additionally, it was a preview of what’s to come – warm, sunny days of spring. 

Something others dreaded was something I looked forward to like a kid on Christmas morning. This is definitely the power of positive thinking positively influencing my life. I was reminded of this quote:

Change your thoughts and you change your world ~Norman Vincent Peale

My world has been so much brighter (literally and figuratively) since incorporating more positive thinking in my life.

What’s something you can look at differently? How can you see the positive side of it? 



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