Boba Break

I’ve been feeling like I haven’t taken full advantage of working in NYC. They told me it’s easy to get into ruts, and it is. When I first got to NYC, I went out of my way to experience the city. But then I fell into patterns. I’m going to try to do better to get out!

One thing I’ve been looking into is lunch time adventures. If you’ve been reading for awhile, then you know I rarely have been able to take lunch breaks due to my work schedule. But I actually do take breaks on my current project. It’s been SO amazing! Can’t believe I’ve gone so long without them.

Here’s a break I managed to pull off in one hour. I call it “Boba Break”.

My favorite bubble tea place, Boba Guys, opened a new location that’s right near two subway lines, making it pretty quick to get to. I picked up a green coconut iced tea with boba and took it to…

Washington Square Park! It’s right down the road. There were NYU grads galore. It was cute seeing their graduation photos. What a great location for that, right? I loved seeing the One World Trade Center in the background too.

How cute is this building?

I had to eat lunch at my desk (while working) to get this all done in one hour. So I ordered a salad from Chopt for pick-up and got it while I was walking back to my office. But it was worth it, and I totally plan to do this again! It’s not an every day kind of break, but maybe I can do once a week? Or every other week? *fingers crossed*

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