Oops Lunch {What I Ate Wednesday}

Hey guys! Time for another What I Ate Wednesday. Looks like I’ll actually get this one published on a Wednesday since I’m traveling today and blogging on the plane. I actually considered skipping this post because it’s not my best day of eats. But then I was like…in the spirit of keeping it real, I should just show what I really ate. I try to not eat special things for WIAW posts and would rather show what I happen to be eating the day of the post. If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that I’m more about the bigger picture. I’m not a fan of restrictive eating or worrying about “bad choices”. Instead, I think there are just choices, and you see how those choices impact you and use it as input for the future. Okay. Enough rambling, let’s get to the eats.

Sunny in the City

Oops Lunch {What I Ate Wednesday}

The sun is finally out in NYC, which is pretty major. I’ve felt like I’ve been dealing with winter for for too long, and it kind of wears on you after awhile. So if I keep expressing my excitement for sunny days here and on social, you know why. Or maybe you live (or also work) in NYC and get it too?

Experimenting Around {What I Ate Wednesday}

Since I’m traveling today and also was running an early meeting at work, I was short on free time for cooking/preparing breakfast. After my morning cuppa joe, I decided to just get a flat white and almond butter toast with jam from Bluestone.

Oops Lunch

Experimenting Around {What I Ate Wednesday}

There was an event at work with free pizza, and a co-worker asked me to go. I had planned to attend and step out for lunch elsewhere, but laziness got the best of me. I was like…I could go out and get something…or I can eat this pizza which is already right here. Oops. Now I love pizza, but you guys I know I do soup and French fries at the airport. And for me, while I have no problems eating heavier things like French fries, burgers, and pizza, I do find that I feel better when I balance them out. One a day max seems to be my magic number. And spread out over the week? Even better. Anything more (especially in one day) makes me feel blah. Just me?

One thing I like to do is add something healthy to my meal to round it out and get some nutrition. I went to Pret’s and got a side salad. It was the Asian-themed one with seaweed, edamame, avocado, sesame seeds, and a ginger dressing. Forgot to snap a photo of this, though. Double oops. Side note: my co-workers don’t love that I call it Pret’s because it’s Pret-a-Manger and there isn’t an ‘s’ in the name anywhere. I dunno, it just rolls off the tongue better with the ‘s’ to me. Hehe.

Airport Eats

Experimenting Around {What I Ate Wednesday}

I really did consider ordering something different at the airport. But, what can I say? I’m a creature of habit. The soup and fries were calling my name, so I just ordered them.

I do think my fruit and veg intake was pretty low for the day overall, so maybe I’ll pick something up from the airport after I land in Charlotte? A green smoothie would give me fruit and veg in one shot. Edit: it was too late to get anything, but maybe I’ll go extra on the fruits and veg? I love that plant-based power in my life!

Experimenting Around {What I Ate Wednesday}

Anywho, if you fly in/out of NYC much, what are you thinking about all the construction at LGA? It’s madness! Luckily we had a pretty smooth trip to our terminal today. Thank goodness!

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Healthy Eating Challenge Update

Quick update on the healthy eating challenge! I just finished doing a trial run of the challenge with a small group of founding members. I’m gathering their feedback and plan to make some tweaks to the challenge materials. But, I’ll be announcing details soon! Email subscribers will find out first, and then I’ll open it up on the blog. Hope to have you guys on board!

The challenge is basically the best of my healthy living journey from the last ten years boiled down to a 14 day challenge. As you can probably gather from this post, I’m not about telling myself or you what not to eat. The focus of this challenge is about the positive things we can do to improve our eats. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve really enjoyed putting this together and writing the content for it. Can’t wait to share details!

Thanks for reading!

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