Around Greenville and Low Country Boil

Hi friends! I’m writing from the beautiful green and blue Carolinas. I’m so used to seeing the gray and black of NYC that all the green grass and blue skies are even more vibrant! I’m home with my parents to celebrate both Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday. They happen within a week of each other. Dad is turning a milestone 70, which he credits to his vegan diet. He continues to suggest I make the switch to veganism. Though I do enjoy non-meat eats, I’m not ready for a complete change. Anyone else out there thinking about going vegan?

Pita House

Somehow my sister didn’t know I was coming this weekend. When she found out, she suggested we all meet up at Pita House. Always a good idea! Mom was working (she’s a nurse), but dad loves this place and can find plenty of vegan options. I shared some of dad’s falafel plate and sis’ chicken shawarma. With plenty of that delicious tahini sauce. The flavors here are always so fresh!

Sis and her hubby gave me all of their pickles since they don’t like them, and I love them. Upon seeing my pile of pickles, Sis said I was like a dragon. Apparently dragons are known for hoarding things. Most hoard gold, but I guess I’m a pickle dragon. Lol. Good thing I’m not on Game of Thrones, because I don’t think I’d last very long with just a stash of pickles.

Blog Work at Due South

I set up shop at Due South for an afternoon blog working session. Yesterday was the last day of the Cleanish Challenge, so I set up a quick survey to see if anyone wanted to share feedback to help me make Cleanish as great as possible. My goal is to help as many people as I can develop a healthy and happy relationship with food. So far, the results are really good! I’ll share some (anonymous) feedback soon in case you’re curious.

I enjoyed a latte and cinnamon sugar doughnut as my blog fuel.

Low Country Boil

After coffee, I headed to sis’s MIL’s house since she was hosting a birthday low country boil. K is an amazing host, so it’s always a real treat to be invited over. I decided to make the most of my Carolina time by spending some QT in this relaxing hammock. The weather was perfect for swinging around a bit.

And the food was a feast! Round 1 was boiled peanuts, squash from my parent’s garden, cole slaw, a dinner roll and of course the boil: shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn. With V’s homemade remoulade sauce.

And the food kept coming. We sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl when K presented her with a tray of brownies topped with candles.

And one of the neighbors made a homemade strawberry pie complete with handmade crust. Yesss!

Around the House

These green tea kit kats are waiting for sis at my parent’s house. I got a bag in Chinatown and was close to eating all of them before I could get them to Greenville. Oops.

And I went through some old photos last night. Here’s me in high school. People always say they’re surprised to hear I was a quiet, geeky, introvert. But yeaaaa…here I am in all my high school acne and braces glory. My high school years weren’t the best, but I did learn a lot!

Thanks for reading!

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