Looks Can Be Deceiving | Love Your Body Now

I posted this on Instagram but wanted to share with you all here on the blog since I know you don’t all follow me there. By the way, I’m @thechiclife on Instagram if you want to follow. I’ve been really active on there via my normal feed and stories!

These photos were taken minutes apart…

Looks Can Be Deceiving | Love Your Body Now

(high waist leggings are “ripped warrior leggings” by Alo Yoga – I folded them down for the photo on the right)

Looks can be deceiving. Lots of you guys are crushing your New Years resolutions / goals / whatever you called your plans for 2018. This is a quick reminder to not let the images you see on social or in magazines get you down or stuck in a comparison trap. I’ve seen these high waist vs low waist leggings photos and took some photos of my own out of curiosity. Amazing how different a pair of leggings can make you look! On top of that, there are literally videos on YouTube that teach people how to pose to achieve certain looks (eg look thinner). But photos can be deceiving and looks aren’t everything! I encourage you to love your body today and not when you look a certain way or look like someone else. I used to think I’d be happy with my body when I reached a certain weight, waist measurement, or pants size. But that led to an endless game that I never won. Instead I choose to love my body today. And every day. I hope you choose the same and if you don’t yet that you will one day. ❤️

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