Wondering Why Your Food Photos Look Dull and Lifeless?

Wondering Why Your Food Photos Look Dull and Lifeless? I have the answer for you.

Recently, I put out a food photo poll, and many of you said your greatest food photography challenge was around photo colors. Here’s some of your feedback.

Responses to the question: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to taking food photos?

You said:

To make them look colourful

as well as

Lifeless color

and yes…

My food looks dull and lifeless

The Food Photo Struggle

You guys…the struggle is real. And it was my struggle many years ago too.

But over the years, I took photography lessons, read countless tutorials (even some books), did every photography session I could at blog conferences, got tips from friends, analyzed my own photos over and over, and basically did everything I could to improve my food photography. And I still do.

It’s a struggle, but it’s a struggle I love. The challenge is actually fun for me.

But enough about me being a photography geek.

The Answer

Wondering Why Your Food Photos Look Dull and Lifeless? I have the answer for you, plus more food photography tips for your blog, Instagram, or just to show off for friends & family

Although I talk about a diverse set of topics here on The Chic Life, I thought the answer to this question best fit over on my content creators blog, Diana Starts. If you’re interested in food photography (or even photography in general), I’d love for you to consider giving it a follow.

Ready for the answer?

Click here to read about why your food photos look dull and lifeless

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Thank you so much for reading and happy food photography!

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