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Hi friends! If you’re feeling a little lost in life, I have a special Motivation Monday post for you today. Recently, I was surprised to learn that 3 travel bloggers/vloggers I follow passed away in a terrible accident. This made me very sad because I love the messages of positivity and possibility they share through their content – mostly travel videos. Back when I was traveling in Thailand, I started to discover the world of travel bloggers, and these guys were my favorites. And I even had multiple conversations with one, Mindy, on Instagram. Their group, High on Life, is full of warm-hearted, adventure-seeking friends who have helped inspire me personally to continue to focus on the good.

I’d like to share this video with you guys today in case you haven’t seen it yet. High on Life published this a couple years ago, but it’s still so good. The focus is on travel, but the message is so much more than that. One of the most transformational changes I’ve made over the last couple years is to push out a scarcity mindset and adopt an abundance mindset. It sounds simple. It’s hard and it’s easy at the same time. But above all, it has made me a better, stronger, and happier person. And this video shares that message and more.

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Sometimes when I’m feeling down or like things aren’t going the way I want, I refocus on gratitude and even watch this video. It’s so uplifting and inspiring to me in pursuing the life of my dreams. These guys don’t have anything we don’t. But they made a choice and went for it. And shared the message that we can too.

This is what the video says – written by both Ryker and Alexey:

What does it feel like to be present? To be here in the now and fully experiencing this moment. Free from any weight of the past or any anticipation of the future. Just free. Free to realize that only you can control how you feel. About anything. Free to see things for what they are and free to give your time and energy to what really matters. Accept the fact that everything that makes up your world is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts. Realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions. There’s no big secret. Just choose to think better feeling thoughts. Listen to your emotions and choose to feel good. You can decide to be in a place of attraction and abundance. What do you want to do in your life? What makes you tick? What makes you feel awe? Don’t be misled into thinking that you’re supposed to do anything. You are supposed to do only what you choose to do. The world is vast and full of possibilities. Follow your bliss. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can. And… if you can, you should.


If You Can, You Should | Abundance Mindset | Read this post for tips on living the life of your dreams and see an inspirational video by the amazing High on Life team #quote #inspirational #motivational #goodvibes #quotestoliveby

This life is so short. Don’t get caught up in The Big Snooze that Jen Sincero talks about in You’re a Badass. I used to think you lived your life based on what the world gave to you. But now I see that we all have the power to live the life of our dreams. It may not look exactly like what you thought, but if you focus on what you want and how you want to feel, if you believe in abundance and good things, if you choose the good thoughts, if you practice gratitude…your life will change. At least it did for me, so why not for you too?

Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can. And… if you can, you should.

So I’m going to keep these good vibes going, continue to ask myself what I want out of this life, and look for reasons why I can. What about you?

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Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

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