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Hi friends! Today I’m opening up about something on the more personal side. We’re talkin confidence. Or lack thereof. For most of my life, I’ve felt…not confident. Like…at all. People who meet me now think I’m an extrovert. Naturally social. And this completely shocked me when friends first told me. Mostly because I’d say I’m more of an introvert. And any social skills I may have were developed came from great effort and lots (and I mean lots) of work. But also because of my history…

I considered myself a loser in school. The one who never fit in. The socially awkward girl who tried too hard to make people like her…unsuccessfully btw. I marveled at the popular girls in school because they seemed like such naturals. And I assumed “natural” was the key. My struggles were because I wasn’t born like them. Because I wasn’t born confident.

Maybe some people are born confident. But that’s not what’s important. What you need to know is that, as Mel Robbins says, “Confidence is a skill.”

Think you're not confident? Wish you were? Good news! It's never too late to become confident. Confidence is a skill. You can learn it, grow it, and become confident! Click for an inspirational video from Mel Robbins #quotes #confidence #confidencequotes #self #inspiration #strongwomen

“Confidence is a skill” ~Mel Robbins

So, how did I gain confidence myself? Well, it’s been a bit of a lifelong journey for me and something I could easily cover over multiple videos and blog posts. If this is something you’d like me to go into, please let me know through a comment or send me a private message here.

To keep things short for this post, the truth is that I feel I’ve gained confidence through trial and error and simply being relentless in my pursuit of confidence. You must first begin by believing you deserve it. And in case you’re not sure if you do, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do. From here, things will take time. I didn’t have a big a-ha moment or some huge win. Instead, a collection of wins of all sizes have gotten me to where I am now. Put yourself out there. Take on new experiences and challenges. Allow yourself to experiment and fail. Failure is part of the process, not a sign you should stop. Handle those moments with grace and be kind to yourself. Then pick yourself up and keep going.

You’ve got this!

Here’s a really great video with advice from Mel Robbins to get you started…

Inspirational Video: Learn About the 5 Second Rule and Gaining Confidence

Click here to watch the video if the above player doesn’t work.

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Thanks for reading this post about how it’s never too late to become confident and how confidence is a skill. I hope you enjoy this post and the embedded video.

Keep those good vibes going and know that you are amazing!

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