Work Day in the Life: 5 Easy Stress Management Tips for a Corporate Job

Hi friends! Over my time working as a consultant in Corporate America, I’ve developed many ways to manage the stress that comes with the territory. And in this post and video, I’m sharing 5 simple tips you can easily incorporate into your day to keep those stress levels down.

*VIDEO* Work Day in the Life with Stress Management Tips Included

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5 Easy Stress Management Tips for a Corporate Job

  1. Eat a Filling Breakfast: So you’re not distracted by your hunger and don’t get cranky
  2. Wear Comfortable Clothes: So you’re not fidgety and focusing more on your outfit than your work
  3. Make Time for Meditation: I put this one off for forever, but it’s one of my best time investments and helps me remain calm throughout the day and generally handle stress better
  4. Hydrate Well: Sometimes when you’re tired you’re just de-hydrated, staying hydrated will help you have good energy throughout the day
  5. Leave Work at Work: So you’re not stressed about work on your personal time and so you’re not constantly in a state of thinking about work – it’s good to detach

Be sure to watch the video for the full scoop and to see a work day in my life!

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Hope you found this video and blog post helpful!

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