5 Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners {For Skeptics and Believers!}

Keep reading to find out my TOP recommendations for the Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners. When I first got started with learning how to use the Law of Attraction, I began with books.

These manifestation books gave me a great foundation so I could get started pretty quickly and easily. So, if you’re not ready to jump into investing in a course or working with a 1:1 manifestation coach like me, books are a great place to start.

Really, if you’re brand new to using the Law of Attraction and you’re not in a huge rush to get going, books are the way to go!

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5 Best Manifestation Books for Beginners

Best Law of Attraction and Manifestation Books for Beginners

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to Law of Attraction and manifestation-related books for manifestation beginners. So, what I thought would be helpful is to share my recommendations by personality type and interest.

Regarding my style with manifestation…

If you’ve been around for awhile, then you know I consider myself a practical-meets-woo kind of gal. I’m a computer scientist turned manifestation coach. My thoughts are very practical, but I’ve been able to open myself up to more woo-style ideas. And I love the balance between both.

So if you’re similar, this post is especially for you!

A note for the super-skeptics: I used to think manifestation was a little out there, myself. But a rocky period of my life had me ready to try anything. And manifestation truly helped improve my life in big and small ways. It’s okay to be a skeptic and explore manifestation books. That’s what I did! But I highly recommend having an open mind. Because if you’re going to get worked up reading these books and shaking your head at the “BS” on the pages, you’ll just be wasting your time. When you’re ready to push past your initial “wow, this sounds so unrealistic” and into “…but what if it works?” – then you’re ready.

These are my picks for the Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (Best for *Almost* Everyone)

The Secret - Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners
The gateway book for beginners

The Secret is the gateway Law of Attraction book for many, if not most, readers. Of all the people I speak with about how they got into manifestation, this one comes up the most.

It’s a light and easy read. Many parts are practical and many parts are woo. It’s also pretty short. There are 184 pages, but the book is shorter than the standard size, the font is relatively big, and there is a lot of spacing throughout.

The first time I read it, there were parts that my non-believing self struggled to believe. When they talked about thinking about a bicycle and it appearing the next day (or whatever example it was)…I was like…“No way!” Now I’m like, “Sounds out there, but…I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked. Let’s try it!”

Not bad for this former-manifestation-skeptic.

This book teaches the main concepts at a high level that is easy to digest. It has many guest authors who share snippets throughout.

And there are sections for “The Secret to…”

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • the World
  • You
  • Life

This was one of my first Law of Attraction books, and I thought it was a nice starting point.

What you are thinking now is creating your future life. You create your life with your thoughts. Because you are always thinking, you are always creating. What you think about the most or focus on the most, is what will appear as your life.

Rhonda Byrne

📖 Book Type: While I think it’s super cool Rhonda Byrne reads this for the audiobook version, I prefer paper. The physical book is really pretty with artistic touches throughout. This book is also great for picking up to read just a couple pages or so, so paper makes it easier for short reading sessions.

❤️ Click here to get your copy of The Secret on Amazon

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero (For the Wants-to-Believe Non-Believer)

You Are a Badass - Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners
For non-believers by a former non-believer

You Are a Badass is my top pick of this Best Law of Attraction books for beginners list for anyone who has a naturally skeptical view on things. Jen has a non-believing background like us!

She’s very playful throughout the book, sharing how she grew into using LoA (with some challenges along the way). Plus there are hilarious stories throughout. They’re not just funny, they help you understand a lot of the concepts.

While most manifestation books are written by pretty woo authors who I personally found a bit harder to relate to early on, Jen was like my friend gently convincing me to give it a try.

Also, this book is NOT primarily about manifestation. Jen covers many helpful topics like mindset, relationships, and money. This is a great overall life improvement book too.

Growth ain’t for weenies, but it’s nowhere near as painful as living the life you’re living right now if you’re not really going for it.

Jen sincero

📖 Book Type: I love this book in both paper and audio. Jen reads the book herself, and her voice really adds to the experience. But I also found myself wanting to be able to highlight and quickly reference specific sections in the paper version.

❤️ Click here to get your copy of You Are a Badass

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein (For the One Going Through a Tough Time)

The Universe Has Your Back - Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners
When you want support through spirituality

The Universe Has Your Back is a wonderfully supportive book for anyone going through a really tough time. The book’s sub-title says it all: “Transform Fear to Faith”.

This book teaches basic manifestation concepts through the lens of taking whatever you’re going through and shifting from fear to love.

I read this one when I was going through my divorce and found it very comforting. Plus, it really did help me shift into trusting the Universe more. A real challenge when you’re in a time of great uncertainty or sadness.

Most important, accept that you have the right to be happy. You have the right to thrive, shine, and succeed. Give yourself the gift of opening your mind to a world beyond what you have been taught to believe in. A world of infinite possibilities. A world of love.

Gabrielle Bernstein

📖 Book Type: I love this book in both audio and paper. I originally got this on audio and loved hearing Gabby read the book. But there are several sections that are much easier to consume on paper. Plus there were little tidbits, quotes, and exercises that I wanted to be able to quickly turn to on paper.

❤️ Click here to get your copy of The Universe Has Your Back

Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks (For the One Who Is Ready to Believe in Magic)

Ask and It Is Given - Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners
Ready to go all in? This is the book for you!

You’ll want an open mind for this book. Ask and It Is Given starts by explaining how Esther Hicks began connecting with Abraham, a form of spiritual guide of a “Collective Consciousness”. If skeptical minds can get past this, there are many gems in this book.

This is a great foundational book for basic Law of Attraction concepts. Chapters include “You Do Create Your Own Reality”, “You Are a Vibrational Transmitter and Receiver”, and “The Hidden Value Behind Your Emotional Reactions”.

Plus you’ll get 22 Manifestation Methods. You’ve probably seen some of these in popular YouTube videos or blog posts. They’re pretty widely used.

You are eternal Beings who have chosen to participate in this specific physical life experience for many wonderful reasons. And this time-space-reality on Planet Earth serves as a platform in which you are able to focus your perspective for the purpose of specific creation.

Esther and Jerry hicks

📖 Book Type: I find this one easier to “read” on audiobook because it’s a bit more flow-y to me. Though, I actually do have a paper copy so I can highlight and use it for quick reference.

❤️ Click here to get your copy of Ask and It Is Given

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (For the Practical, Business-Minded, and Entrepreneurial One)

Think and Grow Rich - Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners
For the entrepreneurial and business-minded ones

As the title implies, Think and Grow Rich has a primary focus on money and wealth. Many successful entrepreneurs I follow online credit this book with helping them build their empires.

Originally written in 1937, this book is a bit older in style, but there are still some solid lessons inside.

Because of the career/business-focus and more formal style of writing, practical minds may find this easier to digest. Though it could also be considered a bit too practical.

If you’re a fan of business books, you’ll probably want this in your collection anyway. You’re here because you’re interested in manifestation. So this book will cover two areas for you in one book. Yay efficiency!

If the thing you wish to do is right, and you believe in it, go ahead and do it! Put your dream across, and never mind what “they” say if you meet with temporary defeat, for “they,” perhaps, do not know that every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.”

Napoleon Hill

📖 Book Type: I prefer this one on audio because I like listening to it for periods of time. And although I’ve taken some good notes, I haven’t been quite as inclined to highlight up my paper version. Though I do have both.

❤️ Click here to get your copy of Think and Grow Rich

Note: There is also an updated Think and Grow Rich (“for the 21st century”) version available here.

Best Way to Read: Paper or Audio?

A mix of paper and audio books has worked splendidly for me when it comes to manifestation books. Some books I prefer paper, some I prefer audio, and some I prefer both!

I’ve added notes to the respective book sections above on my preferences. One bonus for select books – the actual author reads them, which is super cool.

For audiobooks, I love Audible. I’ve been using this since 2013, and it’s been a fantastic tool for me. They’re currently offering a free trial, which you can get by clicking here.

5 Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners


These are just five of many wonderful options for best Law of Attraction books for beginners. There are so many great options out there. These are simply my personal favorites and the ones I’d recommend if you were my friend asking where to start book-wise.

I’ve actually read all of these and many more! It’s helpful to learn from more than one source. You’ll find you pick up a little something different from each one. Plus, you’ll benefit from hearing about many more examples.

So feel free to grab them all!

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post about Best Law of Attraction Books for Beginners {For Skeptics and Believers!}. Hope you found some great books to enjoy.

Comment below – what’s your favorite Law of Attraction Book (whether it’s on this list or not) for someone new to manifestation?

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